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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pushtoons and Military Regime in Pakistan

Pushtoons and Military Regime in Pakistan
The Frontier Post.
Name : Pukhtoon KhanEmail :

Pakistan came into existence as a result of a struggle which did not have any roots in the masses. Since then it has been a laboratory for different imperialist powers to install dictatorial regimes of their choices to safeguard their vested interests. The latest puppet regime is that of an Indian immigrant Pervez Musharaf. Musharraf supported by the agencies has been playing a dirty game of power politics to justify his illegitimate regime. He was given the opportunity to rule Pakistan by the US to fight their war on terrorism. The task assigned to him was to control Afghanistan and also kill Pushtoons in the tribal areas of Pakistan who were allegedly supporting the foreign terrorists originally encouraged and invited by the agencies of Pakistan during Afghan war. The plot of the drama was that the Pakistan govt. lead by Musharraf used the Afghanistan card and used the ISI and MI to create the whole scenario. The NATO and Afghan forces were targeted by the agencies using Taliban as a result of which the Afghan and US forces started the bombing hence killing innocent Pushtoons using the suicide bombers of fanatic religious groups. Playing this card not only pressurized the NATO and Afghan govt. but also helped to create hatred and mistrust in the Pushtoons on both sides of the controversial border. Consequently the Pakistan army got an excuse to legitimize the massacre of Pashtoons in Tribal areas while US and NATO army expedited their bombings in Afghanistan killing innocent Pushtoons for search in the Pakistan backed Taliban on both sides of the border. The innocent Pushtoons in Tribal areas were bombed followed by their killings even in the settled areas of Pukhtunkhwa.Media was not permitted to report the killing of Pushtoons in the tribal areas. The same drama was repeated in most of the cities of Pushtoonkhwa (NWFP) and Kurram agency during the Moharram and Rabiul awwal of 2007 so that people could confuse it with sectarian killings. The aim of the drama was 3-tier. 1) To worsen the political situation in Pakistan for the possible postponement of Elections or enforcement of emergency in Pakistan. 2) To win the sympathies of US and other allied forces in the war against terror 3) To weaken Afghan govt. and legitimize the killing and massacre of Pashtuns on both sides of the border. The second card played by the Presidential team was challenging the sanctity of Judiciary to revert the attention of the masses from other issues like; 1) The growing unrest of masses due to injustice being done to the smaller provinces 2) The question of Provincial Autonomy 3) Show of power to a judge who challenged the privatization of national assets like Pakistan Steel ,kidnapping of those persons who tried to expose the injustices done by the ISI and MI and was upholding the sanctity of Judiciary in military ruled state like Pakistan. 4) The importance of Pak-Afghan Jirga to settle the difference of opinion over cross border infiltration into Afghanistan by Pakistani agencies and killings of innocent Pushtoons on both sides of the controversial border. On the 16th of March 2007 when the hearing of the reference against CJP was in progress another decision to test the power and patience of the electronic media was made. The Punjab Police attacked the offices of GEO TV Channel, The News and Jang in Islamabad. The reaction of Information minister and other government officials was so artificial and pretentive that anyone could guess that it was all planned. The attack was executed by Punjab Police. The CM of Punjab is Pervez Elahi who is another version of Pervez Musharraf.This was the time to prove his loyalty to his Godfather because GEO TV was showing the real picture of the ugly Military and Civil Beaureocracy to the world so Punjab Police came into action and pursued the planned attack as a sacred mission. Again the drama progressed and the streets of Mardan and Peshawar were resonating with the noise of bombs being blasted by Pakistani agencies using the name of ISI backed Taliban. The intention was to project Pushtunkhwa as a disturbed area lacking peace. This was done to prove that Pakistan is trying to justify the promised 3 billion dollar aid from US for curbing the war against terror by projecting Pushtunkhwa as the next area which Taliban are going to hijack. The recent interview of Ryan Crocker had given the same signals due to which the Pakistani agencies had to extend the plan of hijacking the settled areas of Pushtunkhwa in addition to its tribal areas in the name of Taliban by sending threatening letters to saloon owners, CD shops and girl schools. Another step to divert the attention of masses from the massacre of Pushtoons, provincial autonomy and Pak Afghan Peace Jirga was the announcement of Taliban version of Islam from a mosque right in the middle of Islamabad. The antagonistic approach of Pakistan government to Pushtoons was proved beyond any doubt when the government decided to negotiate with the management of the mosque while at the same time killed hundreds of Pushtoons in the tribal areas to tackle much lesser serious issue than that of Jamia Hafsa mosque in Islamabad. More steps are expected from the GHQ to get the required pre planned result. As of now three pillars of State (Legislature, Judiciary and Media) have been jeopardized to create the required scenario. Near future will show the reactions of all these actions which are being witnessed by the people of Pakistan who now know all the fake techniques of the military regime to prolong its unjust rule in Pakistan. The whole aim of this Presidential drama of Power Politics is nothing else except to extend tenure of his regime by either postponing the elections or declaring emergency. The strongest argument to be used will be the attack of US on Iran but even if it doesn't happen the Plan B is already in place to keep the reigns of power in Military arms. Pushtoons should not get erred in pointing out their enemy. It has always been the religious theocracy and civil cum military beaureocracy which has made plots to destroy and devastate Pushtoon regions and sacrifice Pushtoons at the altar of their vested interests.

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