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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pakhtuns bleed as violence grips Karachi

Once again MQM has shown its fascist nature by brutal killings of unarmed innocent Pukhtoons.Karachi once again saw a bloody violence against innocent and poor Pakhtuns who were killed brutally by MQM terrorists and criminals for their preplanned action against this poor community.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ayman Udas killed, a melodious voice silenced

Ayman Udas killed, a melodious voice silenced
Today at 6:15pm
Javed Aziz Khan
PESHAWAR: A melodious voice was silenced with guns on Monday when an upcoming female Pashto singer and poetess, Ayman Udas, was shot dead inside her flat on Dilazak Road.
The news of the murder of Shamim, popularly known as Ayman Udas, shocked the artiste community as well as thousands of fans of the good looking singer and her melodious voice. Her sweet voice was silenced when she had just risen to prominence.
She was divorced and had got married for second time last month.
Usman, the spouse of the budding singer and lyricist, told the Paharipura police that brothers of Ayman were against her second marriage as well as her singing. He added that on Monday, two brothers of Ayman, Alamgir and Ismail, shot her dead when he left his flat to bring milk.
The accused escaped from the scene. According to police they have lodged the first information report (FIR) in the case and have raided several spots to arrest the killers.

Immediately after the killing of Ayman, in her early 30s, it was largely suspected that militants would have killed her. Several male and female singers as well as drama artistes claimed to have received threats from certain militant groups to quit their respective professions or face the music.
However, her husband later disclosed she was killed by her own brothers for breaking the family traditions by marrying for second time.
Ayman got popularity within no time after appearing on television screen only a few months back. Her popular songs included Laka da gul pa shan azgho ki usam, Da janan meena ajeeba da, bia ba na kom meena.
“Mra shum ashna khu pa jwando ki usam, janana sta pa waswaso ki usa” was one of her songs in which Ayman had expressed her utmost confidence on herself, saying she is not dead even after death (as she use to live in hearts of her fans).

Pashtuns demand public apology for the killing of Pashtuns from the United State

Pashtuns demand public apology for the killing of Pashtuns from the United State.
Pashtun Peace Forum - Canada

Pashtuns demand public apology for the killing of Pashtuns from the United State and other countries that have played a role to kill over 270,000 Pashtuns
Toronto – Canada (April 25, 2009) – In an appearance before a subcommittee of the US House Appropriations Committee on April 23, 2009, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has acknowledged that the United States has a share in creating the problem that plagues Pakistan today.

Hillary Clinton says that ‘… the problems we face now to some extent we have to take responsibility for, having contributed to it. We also have a history of kind of moving in and out of Pakistan,’ ‘Let’s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago… and we did it because we were locked in a struggle with the Soviet Union.’ ‘They invaded Afghanistan… and we did not want to see them control Central Asia and we went to work… and it was President Reagan in partnership with Congress led by Democrats who said you know what it sounds like a pretty good idea… let’s deal with the ISI and the Pakistan military and let’s go recruit these mujahideen.’ ‘And great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahabi brand of Islam so that we can go beat the Soviet Union.’ ‘And guess what … they (Soviets) retreated … they lost billions of dollars and it led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.’ ‘So there is a very strong argument which is… it wasn’t a bad investment in terms of Soviet Union but let’s be careful with what we sow… because we will harvest.’ ‘So we then left Pakistan … We said okay fine you deal with the Stingers that we left all over your country… you deal with the mines that are along the border and… by the way we don’t want to have anything to do with you… in fact we’re sanctioning you… So we stopped dealing with the Pakistani military and with ISI and we now are making up for a lot of lost time.’

Pashtun Peace Forum – Canada remind Ms. Clinton and the international community that they need to put the record straight and reminds her that it was not Pakistan or Pakistanis in general that suffered but it was Pashtuns and their infrastructure which suffered. During the Afghan War (1979-1989), 270,000 Pashtuns were killed on both sides of the Durand line while more than 35 million Pashtuns were made refugees. On one hand the war served the purpose of USA to defeat Russia and on the other hand this war served the interests of the Pakistani- power-elite to counter Pashtuns democratic and nationalist sentiments with Pan-Islamic ideology and Wahabi doctrine of Islam.

We ask Ms. Clinton, the international community and regional nations who used Pashtuns and their land against Soviet Union, now Pashtuns demand public apology for the killing of Pashtuns from the United State and other countries that have killed over 270,000 Pashtuns during Afghan war and this game is again started after 9/11. We also demand the US, the international community and regional nations to provide help to Pashtuns to reverse the extremist and transform its real support basis for the good because the United State has admitted it for the first time and now it is their and other nations moral responsibility to change the course of action and work with 52 million Pashtuns to bring regional stability and global security. We also ask Pakistan government and its agencies to not use Pashtun soil for others’ war any more.

Working Committee
If you would prefer that we no longer contact you via email please let us know.

They say... we say...

They say... we say...

Juma Khan Sufi
Monday, April 27, 2009 The News
They say India is our enemy. We say it is a potential friend. They say India has always been after the dismemberment of Pakistan. We say that it is you and your actions which were/are the cause of dismemberment. They say that India fought five wars against us. We say that all the wars (1948, 1965, 1971, Siachen and Kargil) were initiated by you. They say we won all the wars — we say you lost all of them. They say we are part of Middle East. We say you are part of South Asia and Indian sub-continent. They say Urdu and Hindi are two diametrically opposite languages. We say that they are two sister languages feeding on the same stuff. They say the invasion of Mohammad bin Qasim was precursor to the state of Pakistan. We say that you are part and parcel of Maurya, Kushan, Khilji, Lodhi, Mughal and the British Indian dynasties and empires. They say we need a separate identity. We say identity cannot be carved out from the distortion of history. They say danger emanates from the eastern borders. We say the danger emanates from within. They say the Taliban are our assets. We say they are your mortal enemies. They say Hindus and Muslims cannot coexist peacefully. We say they coexisted peacefully for hundreds of years. They say we need strategic depth in Afghanistan to fight against India. We say you need economic depth. They say that the world is after us. We say that even your friends like China and Iran complain about you now. They say that we cannot fight against our own people and the Taliban are our own people. We say that you already fought against your own people in Bengal and Balochistan. They say that Balochistan insurgency is foreign-inspired. We say it is the result of your continuous denial of Baloch rights. They say America is destabilising us with drone attacks. We say that you are impotent to take on your enemies head-on and forbid their incursion into Afghanistan. They say that further increasing the capacity of the security and military establishment can effectively combat all internal and external threats. We say that real democracy and economic power of the country can combat this better. They say we need a nuclear deterrence. We say then what is the need for stationing most of the troops on the eastern borders? They say that you are traitors. We say we are the real patriots. They say we can continue to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. We say you need a paradigm shift. They say fend for yourselves. We say defend us because we are taxpayers.

Laka da gul: Shamim, known as Ayman Udas today killed in Peshawar.

Shaheen Buneri
This beautiful singer of sweet melodies today killed in Peshawar. War against Pashtun art and artists in full swing.
Javed Aziz Khan at 3:22pm April 27
As far as findings are concerned, the spouse of the singer Usman has charged alamgir and Ismail, two brothers of Shamim, known as Aiman Udas. According to Usman they were against her singing and when she refused to give up, they shot her on Dalazak Road on Monday.
A great loss to Pashtun culture and Pashtu Music.

Taliban's Coercion Betrays Qur'anShare

Taliban's Coercion Betrays Qur'anShare
Today at 1:35am
Taliban's Coercion Betrays Qur'an

By Aloysious Mowe
Visiting Fellow, Woodstock Theological Center

Sufi Mohammed and the Taliban betray a studied ignorance of Islamic scripture, law, and history, in the claims that they make for the imposition of Shari'a in Pakistan. In his repudiation of Pakistan's democratic institutions, Mohammed is quoted as saying that "the Qur'an says supporting an infidel system is a great sin." He does not substantiate this because he cannot do so: the Qur'an makes no mention of an Islamic state, does not prescribe any system of government, and is silent even about the structure and nature of religious authority in Islam (hence the enduring divide between the Sunni and the Shia branches of Islam, which began with a disagreement about who should succeed the Prophet Muhammad, and how this succession should be managed). That a democratic political system that makes room for a plurality of views and beliefs is un-Islamic has yet to be demonstrated. It is because they cannot convince that the Taliban resort to violence and intimidation.

Pope Benedict XVI's address in Regensburg in September 2006 is probably doomed to lie on the garbage heap of history because of the hostile reception it received when the Pope cited derogatory remarks about the Prophet Muhammad made by the Emperor Manuel II Paleologus. It is regrettable that poor advice and worse management on the part of his closest collaborators resulted in the burial of Pope Benedict's important message in Regensburg about religious belief and violence.

Manuel II decried the use of force and violence in religion because violence is incompatible with the nature of God: "God is not pleased by blood, and not acting reasonably is contrary to God's nature...Whoever would lead someone to faith needs the ability to speak well and to reason properly, without violence and threats...To convince a reasonable soul, one does not need a strong arm, or weapons of any kind, or any other means of threatening a person with death..." For Benedict, the decisive statement in this argument against violent conversion is this: not to act in accordance with reason is contrary to God's nature.

Benedict connects the Greek word for "reason" - "Logos" - with the "Logos" of Christian theology, which describes the Christ, the self-revelation of God, as "the Word". He says, "Logos means both reason and word - a reason which is creative and capable of self-communication, precisely as reason." Discourse about belief, whether between different faiths or within a faith community, should be grounded in persuasion and reasoned discussion.

The Qur'an repeatedly emphasizes individual responsibility in matters of belief. "Whoever accepts guidance does so for his own good, whoever strays does so at his own peril. No soul will bear another's burden, nor do We punish until We have sent a messenger" (17:15). There is no sense here of a state or a juridical system that metes out punishment to sinners. Instead there is an invitation to righteousness, and if there is punishment it comes from God, though only after God has mercifully sent a messenger to warn the people. The locus classicus for such a situation is that of Jonah sent to warn the people of Nineveh. Jonah was an instrument of persuasion, not an agent of destruction.

This theme recurs in Qur'an 36:17, where God's messengers say to a hostile crowd to whom they have been sent to call back to the right path: "Our duty is only to deliver the message to you." We find in another place, Qur'an 35:18-26, a summing up of the Prophet's mission. He is sent as a bearer of good news and warning, just as every faith community has had a messenger sent by God to bring them to righteousness.

Punishment lies not in the hands of these representatives of God. They are sent "only to warn", and every person must bear his own burden and be responsible for his own destiny. Coercion has no place in religious belief. The Qur'an says this forcefully in 2:256: "There is no compulsion in religion."

This recurring theme of personal responsibility and non-coercion is consistent with the Qur'an's attitude towards apostates. Despite the fact that some radical Muslims insist that death is the only proper penalty for those who apostatize from Islam, the fact is that the Qur'an, while bemoaning those who leave the true faith, never prescribes a penalty for apostasy in this life. In fact, it is clear from 4:137, which refers to those who leave the faith, then return to it, but then leave again, that apostates are assumed to be living peacefully and unmolested in the community of believers. How else could they have the opportunity to apostatize a second time?

The Muslim scholar, Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im, writes in "Islam and the Secular State: Negotiating the Future of Shari'a," that religious observance can only be genuine if it is not subject to coercion via the State's imposition of Islamic law: "In order to be a Muslim by conviction and free choice, which is the only way one can be a Muslim, I need a secular state." Compliance with God's law cannot be coerced by fear of state institutions, nor should there be a possibility that it be faked simply to appease the state's officials. "Belief in Islam," says An-Na'im, "or any other religion, logically requires the possibility of disbelief, because belief has no value if it is coerced."

An-Na'im does not suggest a separation of religious belief from public policy. The state is a political institution that is supposed to be influenced by the interests and concerns of its citizens, and this includes their religious and ethical commitments. The proper realm for religious conviction, however, is not the state but politics, which is the art of persuasion and negotiation in questions of policy. The state itself should remain resolutely secular, meaning that it is neutral regarding doctrine, and that its essential institutions and concepts, such as constitutionalism, human rights, and equal citizenship, act to safeguard the human rights of minorities, even minorities of one.

Those who wish to impose Islamic law on all and sundry act as though the Shari'a is a clear and unambiguous artifact known in all places and for all times by every Muslim person. Islamic law has never functioned in this manner. There has long been a multiplicity of schools of law in Islam, each with its own method and doctrine, and often disagreeing with one another on even basic matters that the uninformed take to be immutable and essential Islamic rules, such as those regulating the consumption of alcohol. Islamic law is not laid down; rather, it is worked out in the dynamic interplay between different schools, between scholars of the past and those in the present, between one text and another.

An-Na'im reminds us that the exercise of state power always involves individual human actors, each one of whom has a personal perspective on the matters at hand. The process of formulating and implementing public policy and legislation therefore "is subject to human error and fallibility, which means that it can always be challenged or questioned without violating the direct and immediate divine will of God." It is for this reason, says An-Na'im, that public policy and legislation should be supported by civic reason rather than through state coercion.

It is characteristic of Islamic law that legal opinions and judgments are classically closed by the formula, Allahu 'alam: God knows best. It is that space for error in the all too human effort to articulate a divine law that the Taliban seek to close off. In doing so, they set themselves against the wisdom of Islamic tradition.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A letter to Bushra Gohar and her reply

Nafisa Shah and Bushra Gohar
Members of Parliament


Re: Your approach to the Nizam e Adal debate in Parliament.>

Dear Sisters,>

So what did we end up seeing: Ayaz Amir rising to bravely oppose the Bill, a
mullah making a feeble technical protest about what flavor of Sharia one is
to adopt, and the MQM like both these individuals merely abstaining – just
abstaining, not voting against this dastardly Bill.>

And then one looked at the sisters, all 60 of them, and it seemed they had
wetted their panties – excuse my French! What happened to the great
campaigner for banning Karo Kari, and the wonderfully brave Pukhtun lassie?

As a Hindu living in Sindh, and wanting to continue to do so, I am fighting
against serious odd hand-in-hand with our revolutionary Muslim and Christian
sisters. We know of the killing of my people in Umerkot, about which none
of your parties have taken any action or expressed sympathy.

We know that Nafisa’s father is the Chief Minister of Sindh and it is his
responsibility to maintain peace in the province. Or is his only task now
to bow to his masters, the fascist MQM (whose recent abstaining doesn’t wash off their past sins)?

Razia Bhatti, the founder editor of Newsline (where Nafisa learnt her
ropes), will be turning in her grave at how her star reporter Nafisa has
become an ardent supporter of one of the most corrupt individuals to lead
this country. All this for the sake of PPP loyalty, and transitory power?

Remember dear sisters, your parliamentary slots will not remain for life.
You will have to climb down and be with the rest of us. How will you be
able to face us and the true reality after selling your soul to power?

You of course you know the way to redeem yourself – you have recommended it
to others in the days when you had tongues. Speak up or ship out, now. You
are better outside than inside that pointless white cube of a parliament on
Constitution Ave.

Wishing you the strength of your old conscience,

Your sister in strength,

Lila Thadani

Sindh Adyoon Tehreek


Bushra's reply

Dear Lila Thadani: Salaamoona and Greetings!! many thanks for sharing
your indignation and vehement reaction to the women parliamentarians
alleged silence when the Nizam i Adl regulation was taken up in the
National Assembly. It has indeed become a national trait to react to
events and situations rather than take positions in a timely manner to
build sufficient peoples pressure and build consensus on alternatives.
Unfortunately we did not witness from the women rights activists a
movement against the carnage in Swat, against the peace agreement with
Sufi Mohammad and a strong protest outside the Parliament against the
Nizam-i-Adl regulation either. Instead to soothe their conscience a
few activists have registered their protest through cyberspace or the
media channels from their comfort zones. None have tried to
understand the complexities of the situation in Swat, its links with
the mainstream terror outfits operating in the country and the
conditions that led to the peace agreement in Swat. Though I feel the
people of Swat are lucky that at least there is some debate in the
media and among the activists but there is complete silence on the
atrocities being committed in FATA since the military operations
started in Waziristan in 2004. Therefore, I too have been very
concerned with the eerie silence or mute response from women rights
activists mainly from the mainland to the carnage in Swat that was
going on for over 8 months both at the hands of the Military and the
Militants. It was only after personal appeals to activists and
opionion makers mainly from Pakhtunkhwa that we got a few brave ones
willing to stick their necks out and speak of the atrocities being
committed in the valley. Their writings in the print media drew
National and International attention to what was going on in the once
most beautiful and peaceful valley of the country. The Pakhtunkhwa
Provincial Assembly for the first time in the history of this country
openly condemned the military's shady operation allowing the militants
to gain ground and strength in Swat. They threatened to march to Swat
if the attacks on the innocent people were not stopped by both sides.
A direct consequence of this was one of the ANP MPAs was targeted and
killed for taking a strong position. More than 136 ANP elected
representatives families, office bearers and workers have been
targeted and killed in Swat alone. Several had their homes destroyed
and were forced to leave the area to live in camps or with families
settled outside. Elected representatives were threatened that their
families and voters would be targeted if they said anything against
the militants. Yet we heard Swat PPP MNA and a few ANP Swat MPAs
openly speak out against what was going on in their areas. The women
representatives of all political parties and civil society held a
massive jirga in Peshawar in March in the wake of life threats to
present their perspective on the situation in Swat and the rest of the
country and outlined conditions for a peace agreement with the

The provincial government has publicly accepted that the agreement
with Sufi Mohammad was not the best option for peace but after the
failure of military force, what other options were there for them to
consider...when militants barbaric control spread from 25 percent of
the area before the military operations to almost the entire valley
despite the ANP leaderships meetings and coordination with the
military and intelligence agencies at the highest levels to register
their complaints and pressure them to control the spread...the
military of course, thought ANP was carrying out a campaign against political government depends on the national security setup
for dealing with law and order situation, militancy and insurgency.
The already under resourced, strained from frequent suicide blasts
targeting them and demoralized Provincial civilian security setup is
putting their lives in danger to deal with militancy and insurgency
that is engulfing the Province and the country at a fast pace. Thanks
to military dictators, the country has been brought to the verge of
collapse and disinte. The Federal and Provincial governments are
faced with huge challenges and need the whole nation's support in
dealing with the a first step we have to snap out of our
state of denial and hybernation and recognize that we are in a state
of war to be able to prepare ourselves adequately.

The Provincial government had to find a political solution to the
situation in Swat to bring normalcy and gain some space to manuevre.
It took a major risk in going into an agreement with Sufi Mohammad,
who had renounced armed struggle in an undertaking with the Provincial
Government in 2008, to facilitate the process with Fazlullah his son
in law after first taking all stakeholders including all political
parties operating in the Province, the President and all concerned in
the Federal Government, the top Military bureaucracy etc on board. It
is important to understand that the Provincial government went into
the agreement after it had technically experienced a military defeat
in Swat and thus were not going into it from a position of strength.
Also, it is important to note that the writ of the government had been
seriously eroded since 2006 or so, the key state institutions weakened
and terrorized and the people traumatized by the violence in the area.
Thus people sitting in the far corners of the counrty, who speak
against the peace agreement sound as if things were normal in Swat and
that all hell will break as a result of the Provincial government's
peace agreement.
The Nizam-i-Adl regulation a long standing demand in Malakand division
since the 80s, mainly because of ineffective integration of the
formerly princely states into the mainstream judicial and
administrative system, formed the basis of the agreement. The
Nizam-i-Adl regulation was first introduced in Malakand Division in
the early 90s by the then PM Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto to control a
violent campaign initiated by Sufi Mohammad. However, as is the case
with our judicial system throughout the country it failed to meet the
demands and needs of the people who were used to an effective justice
system under the Wali of Swat, the system in vogue under the Wali was
by the way called the Shariah Nizam-i-Adl, the matter had to be taken
up again by Nawaz Sharif's Government in 1999 when matters got
volatile but it too suffered from poor and ineffective implementation.
The Musharraf's interim government in 2007 was going to get the
regulation signed with some changes to address the concerns but at the
time all political parties opposed it saying that it should be left to
the elected government to take up after the elections in 2008. The
ANP led Provincial government introduced only two changes to the
already prevalent system...which is only to deal with the judicial
system reform and has nothing to do with the administrative, social,
political and economic etc. spheres in the area...firstly, the
criminal and civil cases would be dealt with in 4 and 6 months
respectively and the supreme court and high court will have benches in
Malakand so people won't have to go to Peshawar or Islamabad. The
main concerns some rights activists have rightly expressed this time
round in view of the weakeness of the government's writ and the links
of the Militants with a more global terror network based in
Waziristan, are that the militants might take executive control of its
implementation...concerns that Sufi Mohammad will be appointing Qazis
or Judges are ill founded as they will be appointed by the Provincial
government just as in other parts of the Province. However, when
moving from a violent war like situation to peace one must keep in
mind that there are going to be many problems down the road...things
are not going to settle down or be smooth sailing...the Provincial
government doesn't expect it to be and is working on a multi pronged
approach to establish its writ and strengthen the administrative
setup...A semblance of peace has returned to the valley with
businesses, hospitals and schools have reopened...however, militants
have yet to be disarmed and their check posts removed in most parts of
the district. We must watch the progress towards peace closely to
check the risk of any rights violations. I also would like an
independent judicial commission constituted headed by a retired judge
of the Supreme Court to review violations and losses both human and
property as a result of militancy and military operations in Swat and

Now coming to your frontal attack on the women parliamentarians
especially those on reserved seats as your email only targets them and
not the 16 who have come on general seats...I feel is undermining the
struggle that most women rights activists have been involved in for
decades to ensure women's participation in politics. The Women who
have entered the parliament are playing a critical role both in their
parties and in the assembly to bring women's concerns on the priority
agenda with very little support both within the parties and/or

I for one strongly supported my party's position in opposing the
bringing of the resolution to the National Assembly as it was not a
consitutional requirement and that it was going to end up giving
legitimacy to something that the parliament could not effect change
in. Our position was that it should have been brought for an indepth
debate in the National Assembly in 2008 when it was first presented to
the Federal Government by the Provincial Government. The Parliament
should also have been taken into confidence on all peace agreements
including the one in Waziristan, Bajaur between the military and
militants. It has also been our long standing demand that the
President's powers to legislate for PATA and FATA should be transfered
to the Parliament through a constitutional amendment so that the
National Assembly is not expected to just pass a resolution but debate
proposed bills in the standing committee and in the assembly in a
meaningful way. On the other hand the Federal Government and the
President felt that considering the huge pressures from outside and
inside against and for the signing of the regulation, a resolution in
the parliament would strengthen the President's position. There was
no substantive debate really in the Parliament on the Nizam-i-Adl
Regulation but on whether it should be placed before the house or not.
I know many women parliamentarians were very concerned about the
repercussions of the regulation and would have openly expressed their
concerns had a debate taken place and had the parliament been
empowered to legislate for FATA and PATA...I know Nafisa Shah wanted a
thorough debate on the regulation despite the constitutional
limitations. She was of the opinion that the members be given time to
understand and debate the regulation before taking up the resolution.
As for your call to the media to continue to question the women
parliamentarians that you feel have done you all down, let me just say
that the majority of the Pakistani media has been unfortunately taken
over by the right wing and are more talibanized than even the most
hard core religious extremists themselves. They have created havoc in
the lives of the people by creating and thriving on confusion and
psychological stress. They have made heros out of militants and
criminals...therefore, would suggest not to expect much from our
mainstream journalists...the wave of formula talk shows with the aim
of making the politicians look like fools and militants and ex army
and ISI chiefs as experts, generally lack substance and objectivity
altogether. The women rights activists should do some critical
analyses of the way media is holding the nation hostage and promoting
the interests of the retrogressive forces in the country.

I hope that we can continue to engage in a debate on emerging issues
especially that affect women in reasonable manner to strengthen each

I would be grateful if you could forward my response to all you have
shared your email with. I look forward to meaningful criticism,
timely suggestions and support from the women rights activists
especially those in WAF for whom I have great respect and have faith
in their clarity of vision and intent and unwavering commitment to
women's rights in the country.

Best wishes,
Bushra Gohar, ANP

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Khalid Khan

زه ساده بشتون بيغام د أمن أو د ميني يم **** تاته مي جا هسي جرته وران تصوير جور كري دي

Khalid Hasrat

Khalid Hasrat:Yara ter aghay kali ta am Raza.

zarin zada

Thursday, April 16, 2009

د پښتنو سره د نورو غلطو کولو ګنجائش نشته ـ حېدرخان هوتي

د پښتنو سره د نورو غلطو کولو ګنجائش نشته ـ حېدرخان هوتي
ولې خان يونيورسټۍ مردان کښې د پښتو څانګې په اړه احکامات ورکړل شوي دي ـ
زاهد بونېرے - پېښور
د پښتونخوا صوبې وزير اعلے ښاغلي اميرحېدرخان وئيلي دي چې په سيمه د پېخو کشالو اؤ ستونزو د مخنيوي لپاره بايد د افغانستان اؤ پاکستان حکومتونه اؤ د مرکزي حکومت په وسيله د پښتونخوا اؤ افغانستان په مېنځ کښې اړيکې مضبوطې اوساتل شي اؤ صلاح مشوره دې دوامي اوساتل شي ـ دوۍ وئيل چې د ډېورنډ د کرښې دواړه اړخ ته اولس د خپلو رواياتو ، ژبې ، تاريخ ، کلتور ، قامولۍ اؤ مذهب په رشتو پاخه تړل شوي دي ـ ددوۍ سوچ ، فکر اؤ احساسات تردې چې هره ښه بده يو شان ده اؤ په يو بل خپل اغېز پرېباسي ـ مونږ د افغان کډوالو د هغوۍ په ناخوښۍ سره د لېږلو په حق کښې نه يو ـ د پېښور په کنټېنر ټرمېنلو بلوسې د ټهېکدارانو د غېرذمه وارې روئې اؤ د نه تعاون له کبله کيږي ـ

ښاغلي اميرحېدرخان هوتي دا خبرې هغه بله ورځ د پښتو ټيلي ويژني شبکې (شمشاد) سره په يوه انټرويو کښې کولې ـ
وزيراعلے وئيل چې په تېرو کلونو کښې پښتون قام ته کوم زيان رسېدلے دے اؤ په دې سيمه د دې قام د وګړو کومه وېنه توۍ شوې ده ، په تارېخ کښې داسې مثالونه ډېر کم موندل کيږي ـ
افغانستان ته د روسي قواؤ راتګ ، ددوۍ واپس تلل ، د نائين الېون نه پس په افغانستان اؤ پاکستان کښې بيا د پالېسو مطابق حالات بدلېدلو سره زمونږ په صوبه ددې ډېر زيات اثر پرېوتے دے ـ
ښاغلي هوتي وئيل چې هرکله افغانستان د تباهۍ اؤ بربادۍ سره مخ وۀ نو په پاکستان کښې ډېرو کمو خلقو ته دا اندازه وۀ چې دا اور به يوه نه يوه ورځ دې پله هم راواوړي ـ بيا چې په وزيرستان کښې اه وډب شورو شو نو په پېښور کښې د خلقو خېال وۀ چې دا ستونزه صرف د وزيرستان اؤ قبائلو ده ـ مونږ په امن يو ـ
دوئ وئيل چې دا سوچ يوه غټه تېروتنه وه ـ هم ددې سوچ نتيجه ده چې نن دغه هور د قبائيلو نه وروستو دپښتونخوا صوبې عامو علاقو پورې غزېدلے دے ـ

وزيراعلے وئيل چې حالات بېشکه چې د فکرمندۍ وړ دي ـ د مسائيلو اؤ تکليفونو نه انکار نه شي کېدلے ولې دا هم حقيقت دے چې په افغانستان اؤ فاټا کښې د امن اؤ ارامۍ نه بغېر په پښتونخوا صوبه کښې حالات سمے نه شي خوړلے ـ ترڅو چې د حوصلې خبره ده نو زمونږ حوصلې مضبوطې اؤ لوړې دي ، مونږ تر اوسه د هرقسمه حالاتو مقابله کړې ده اؤ انشاء الله ائينده لپاره به هم ښه په نره داسې کوو ـ مونږ د پښتنو د بقاء د جنګ ګټلو اؤ د خپل مورني ټاټوبي د حفاظت لپاره يو واضح فکر اؤ عزم لرو ـ په دې جنګ کښې کاميابي حاصلول د ټولو په شريکه ذمه داري جوړيږي ـ دوۍ زياته کړه چې که چرې اوس هم پښتنو خپل ځان اونه پيژندلو نو خدائۍ مه کړه چې ډېر به زيانمن شي ـ د پښتنو سره د نورو غلطو ګنجائش نشته دے ـ
دوۍ په دې خبره د اطمننان څرګندونه اوکړله چې اوس په پښتنو کښې دا احساس راپېداشوے دے اؤ دوۍ د مسئلو اؤ کړکېچونو نه وتل غواړي ـ
دوۍ وئيل چې د پښتنو تاريخ ، مزاج ، غېرت اؤ همت ته که اوکتل شي نو په يقين سره وئيل کېدے شي چې چې پښتانۀ کچرې يو موټے شي نو ګرانې به ورته اسانې شي ـ

صوبې له د نامې ورکولو په حقله د يو تپوس په ځواب کښې دوۍ وئيل چې په پاکستان کښې په اول ځل د پاکستان صدر په قامي اسمبلۍ اؤ د اقوام متحده په فورمونو باندې دا صوبه په پښتونخوا نامې ياده کړې ده ـ زمونږ هڅې روانې دي اؤ په خپلو اتحادي ملګرو هم باوري يو چې دا مطالبه به ترسره کيږي ـ ډېرزر ائيني ترميمونه مېنځ ته راتلونکي دي ـ په دې کښې دصوبې نامه پښتونخوا اؤ د صوبائي خودمختارۍ د غوښتنې نکتې هم شاملې کړل شوي دي ـ

په سوات کښې د نظام عدل د معاهدې په حواله وزيراعلے اميرحېدرخان هوتي وئيل چې په حقيقت کښې نظام عدل د دې ځائې د اولس يو داسې مطالبه وه چې د مودو راسې کېده ـ دلته د والي د دور نه چې جرګه سسټم اؤ شرعي نظام وۀ ، وروستو د پاټا ريګولېشن په نامه قانون نافذ وۀ ـ ددې ځائې خلق زمونږ د پاکستان د عدالتي سسټم سره بلد نه وو ـ اؤ دوۍ په وخت سره وېړيا انصاف غوښتلو ـ دوۍ په موجوده عدالتي نظام خوښ نه وو ـ زمونږ حکومت د پاکستان د آئين مطابق د کال ١٩٩٦ء اؤ ددې نه وروستو نافذ کړل شوؤ احکاماتو کښې د لږ څه بدلون سره ددې د عملي کولو اقدام کړے دے ـ
دوۍ زياته کړله چې په سوات کښې د تشدد واقعات کېدل او حالات ډېر خراب وو ـ دوۍ وئيل چې دا نظام په ټول مالاکنډ ډويژن کښې پلي کيږي چې ورسره د کوهستان اؤ د چترال پرامنه منطقې هم شاملې دي ـ
د معاهدې د مخالفت په باب له د يو سوال په ځواب کښې دوۍ وئيل چې هرڅوک خپل ځان ته يو فکر لري ـ بيا هم د يو بل د فکر بايد احترام اوکړل شي ـ دوۍ په ډاګه کړه چې ددې معاهدې په حواله سره دوۍ د صوبې ټول سياسي ، مذهبي ګوندونه اؤ د معاشرې د کلهمو طبقو اعتماد ترلاسه کړے دے ـ

يوې اولس کلنې پېغلې ته د کوړو ورکولو د يو وېډيو فلم په باب له چې ځنو چېنلو خور کړے وۀ ، ښاغلي اميرحېدرخان هوتي وئيل چې بنيادي خبره خو داده چې ايا داسې څه واقعه شوې هم ده کنه ـ اطلاع خو داده چې داسې څه د سره شوي هم نه دي ـ اؤ دا چې دغه وېډيو جعلي بڼه لري ـ بيا هم که داسې څه واقعه شوي وي اؤ هرکله که شوي وي ، هر پښتون ، هر مسلمان بلکه هر انسان ددې غندنه کوي ـ دوۍ وئيل چې په سوات کښې د ماشومانو اؤ ښځو قتل عام اؤ د عامو وګړو د سرونو پرېکولو د مخ نيوي لپاره مونږ د نظام عدل اؤ د امن په حقله د کوششونو تېزولو پرېکړه کړې وه ـ دوۍ په دې خبره خپله ناخوښي ښکاره کړه چې په داسې حالاتو اؤ ټاکلي وخت د داسې يو وېډيو مېنځ ته راتل ددې خبرې ثبوت دے چې ځنې داسې قوتونه شته دے چې نه غواړي ، په مالاکنډ کښې زمونږ د امن پروسه عملي شي ـ
وزيراعلے يوځل بيا په ډاګه کړله چې د افغانستان ، فاټا اؤ پښتونخوا امن اؤ استحکام د يو بله سره تړلي دي ـ

ترڅو پورې چې د امن معاهدې تعلق دے نو دې خلقو ژمنه کړې ده چې د نظام عدل په نتيجه کښې هرکله چې امن راشي نو دوۍ به هم د امنيت ژوند تېرولو ته غاړه کېږدي اؤ داسې يو حرکت به نه کوي چې کوم د سوات ، پاکستان يا ددوۍ کوم ګاونډي ته ترېنه نقصان اورسي ـ دوۍ واضحه کړله چې د سوات د افغانستان سره غاړه غاړۍ پلۀ نه لري اؤ په قبائيلي علاقو کښې د شوؤ معاهدو په اړه زمونږ پاليسي واضحه ده اؤ هغه دا چې په هره يوه معاهده کښې بايد دا شرط ارومرو موجود وي چې د افغانستان اؤ پاکستان دواړو په مفاداتو به بلوسه نه کيږي ـ مونږ به چرې اونه غواړو چې زمونږ د غاړې دې زمونږ په يو ګاونډي ګوزار اوشي اؤ دغه شان د خپل ګاونډي هيوادونو نه هم دغه تمه لرو ـ

ښاغلي اميرحېدرخان هوتي وئيل چې د پښتنو تاريخ ګواه دے چې دوۍ د خپلو کشالو د هواري لپاره همېش جرګو ته اهميت ورکړے دے ـ اؤ دغه شان ئې خپل مسائل حل کړي دي ـ زمونږ اوس هم دغه موقف دے ـ چې هره مسئله بايد د خبرو اترو د لارې هواره کړل شي ـ دوۍ وئيل چې د طاقت اؤ زور استعمال بايد هغه وخت اوشي چې بله څه لاره چاره پاتې نه شي ـ

د افغانستان اؤ ايران د سفارتکارو د تختونې په اړه د يو تپوس په ځواب کښې د عوامي نېشنل پارټۍ نمائينده وزيراعلے وئيل چې دا دواړه پېښې د غندنې دي ـ ايران زمونږ ګاونډي اسلامي ورور ملک دے اؤ ددوۍ سره زمونږه تاريخي تعلقات پاتې شوي دي ـ بل خوا افغانستان خو زمونږ دوهم کور دے ـ په دې کښې هيڅ بله خبره نشي کېدے چې د سفارتکارو حفاظت کول د پاکستاني حکومت ذمه واري ده ـ ده وئيل چې دا مسئله صرف د صوبې سره اړه نه لري ـ د قبائيلي علاقو سره نزدو والے يا ګاونډوالي زمونږ ستونزې نورې زياتې کړي دي ـ ولې ددې مطلب دا بالکل نه دے چې مونږ په قبائيلي وروڼو تور پورې کول غواړو ـ قبائل خو خپله د ستونزو سره مخ دي ـ د ټولو نه زياتې قربانۍ هم دوۍ ورکړي دي ـ زمونږ اشاره په سيمه کښې د مېشته داسې ګروپونو يا طاقتونو پله ده چا چې هلته کښې ځان ځان ته واړه واړه سلطنتونه قائم کړي دي ـ اؤ د پولې په دواړه اړخه په داسې قسم واقعو کښې ککړ دي ـ بيا هم د دواړو سفارت کارو په حفاظت د بيا راوستلو لپاره مونږ خپل کوششونه جاري ساتو ـ مونږ په دې حقله غافله نه يو ناست ـ ده زياته کړه چې ددې تختونو سره يو خوا که د باچاخان اؤ خان عبدالولي خان د سپاهيانو د حکومت د سپکې اؤ بدنامۍ هڅې کيږي نو بله خوا دا قوتونه غواړي چې زمونږ دې د ګاونډي وروڼو سره تعلقات خراب کړل شي ـ

د يو بل تپوس په ځواب کښې قام پرست وزير اعلے وئيل چې د پاکستان اؤ افغانستان ترمېنځ ناباوري د دواړو هيوادونو لپاره د نقصان ده ـ هم ددې وران کارو د لاسه کوم چې په داسې کارونو کښې اموخته دي چې اسلام اؤ انسانيت ېې چا ته هم اجازت نه ورکوي ، دواړه هيوادونه د مسئلو سره مخ دي ـ دواړه هيوادونه د وران کارۍ د ستونزو ښکار دي ـ اؤ ددې مخ نيوے صرف په شريکه سره کېدے شي ـ

د ډرون د بلوسو په حقله دوۍ وئيل چې بنيادي خبره داده چې کوم يو ملک ته دا حق نه رسي چې په يو بل خوداختياره هيواد کښې دې کاروائي اوکړي ـ ددې حملو نه د پاکستان وجود د خطرو سره مخ شوے دے ـ دا د پاکستان د خود اختيارۍ سراسر خلاف خبره ده ـ ددې سره به د دهشت ګردۍ پرضد کوششونه هم زيان من شي ځکه چې په داسې کولو د دهشت ګردۍ پرضد د هلوځلو نه عام اولس زړونه اړوي ـ اؤ ملګېرتيا ئې نه کوي ـ دوۍ واضحه کړه چې د وران کارو خلاف کاروائي په افغانستان کښې د افغان فوځ اؤ په پاکستان کښې د پاکستاني قواؤ ذمه واري ده ـ دوۍ زياته کړه چې امريکائي کاروائي د پاکستان اؤ افغانستان دواړو د مفاداتو په حق کښې نه ځي ـ بايد امريکا د دواړو هيوادونو مفادات په نظر کښې اونيسي ـ ګنې معاملات به نور تاوجن اؤ ترخجن شي ـ

د ناټو د سپلائي په ټرمينلو باندې د حملو په باب له د يو سوال په ځواب کښې اميرحېدرخان هوتي وئيل چې په قبائيلي سيمو کښې موجود ځنې قوتونه يا ډلې د هغې سامان سپلائي څنګه زغملے شي ، کوم چې ددوۍ پر ضد د استعمال لپاره وړل کيږي ـ دا حملې د ټهيکدارانو د غېرذمه دارۍ اؤ نه تعاون نتيجه هم ده ـ چرته چې دې ټهيکدارانو ته د پنځوسو کنټينرو د سنبالښت اجازه ورکړل شوې ده ، هلته دوۍ پنځه سوه کنټېنره ايښودي دي ـ اؤ د دومره لوئ تعداد سنبالښت څه اسان کار نه دے ـ بايد ټهيکداران خپلې ذمه وارۍ اوپيژني ـ ده وئيل چې حکومت په دې حقله خلق هم نيولے دے ، تحقيقات ئې هم کړي دي ، خو دا مسئله لږه نازکه ده ـ

وزيراعلے وئيل چې د يو وخت راسې سازش کيږي چې پښتانۀ وران کاري ثابت کړي ـ ولې دا حقيقت هم په نظر کښې ساتل پکار دي چې دې سره پښتنو خپل ځان اؤ دوست دښمن پېژندلے دے ـ بايد دوۍ په شريکه سره ددې سازشونو مقابله اوکړي ـ زمونږ د اولې ورځې نه هڅه داده اؤ زمونږ د حکومت خېال دے چې د خپل کور کشالې بايد مونږ خپلو کښې کېښنو ، هوارې ئې کړو ـ د جرګې نه بغېر ددې مسئلو هوارے ګران دے ـ مونږ له د خپل کور د مسئلو لپاره د غېرو په تمه نه دي کېښناستل پکار ـ

د نوې امريکائي انتظامئې د پاليسۍ په اړه د يو سوال په ځواب کښې وزيراعلے وئيل چې په دې پاليسۍ کښې خواږه تراخۀ ګډوډ پراته دي ـ ولې د هرې يوې پاليسۍ د کاميابۍ انحصار په دې خبره وي چې دا ترڅومره حده پلي کيږي ـ که په صحيح توګه په دې عمل اوکړل شو نو په پاکستان اؤ افغانستان دواړو به دا ښه اثرات اوغوزځوي ـ ولې که په قول اؤ فعل کښې تضاد راغلو نو دا به نه صرف د پاکستان اؤ افغانستان بلکه خپله د امريکا لپاره هم ګټې رانه وړي ـ

د يو بل تپوس په ځواب کښې حېدرخان هوتي وئيل چې د مردان په خان عبدالولي خان يونيورسټۍ کښې د پښتو ډپارټمنټ د پرانستلو لپاره دوۍ حکم ورکړے دے ـ

د مرکې په پائې کښې د پښتونخوا وزير اعلے په پښتون قام اؤ په ځانګړې توګه په ځوان نسل غږ اوکړ چې قام دا وخت د ازمائش سره مخ دے ـ مونږ د تاريخ په يو داسې پړاؤ ولاړ يو چې نه صرف مونږ له د حال په باب له فکر پکار دے بلکه د مستقبل په اړه هم د خپل مرام ټاکل دي ـ د وخت تقاضا داده چې مونږ دې د باچاخان د عدم تشدد لاره خپره کړو اؤ تعميري کردار ادا کړو ـ په دې به مونږ خپل ځان ، کور ، قام اؤ د مستقبل د ستونزو مقابله اوکړل شو ـ وزيراعلے د پاکستان اؤ افغانستان د مېډيا نه هم خواست اوکړو چې بايد دوۍ په دې حالاتو کښې قام د حقيقتونو نه خبر اوساتي ـ اؤ د مسئلو په حل کښې دې خپل لاس امداد اوکړي ـ
دوۍ وئيل چې د دواړو هيوادونو اولس بايد د يو بل د آواز اؤ جذباتو نه خبر اوساتل شي ـ

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CM Hoti on Shamshad TV

CM Hoti on Shamshad TV
Monday, 13 April 2009
Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that to defy the challenges and difficulties faced by the Pukhtoons region, the government of Afghanistan and Pakistan should cooperate with each other. He further stressed on thorough contacts and collaboration between the government of Afghanistan and Pakhtunkhwa government through the federal government adding that Afghanistan and Pukhtoonkhwa share the same values of traditions, history, religion and ethnicity.

Their thinking, feelings and sentiments even their problems and difficulties are the same. Citing the attacks on the terminals the chief minister said that it is the result of fewer cooperation and irresponsible attitudes of the contractors. He said this in an interview with pushto TV channel “Shamshad”.
“Since the past few years the Pukhtoons nation has faced huge losses and blood shedding and the history lack such precedent. The intervention of Russian Army in Afghanistan , their exit, and the events after 9/11 has severely affected Afghanistan and Pakistan , particularly our province. When the destruction started in Afghanistan no one think of it that it will spread to our region as well. When it spread to Waziristan still people in Peshawar were of the view that it is the problem of Waziristan and we are safe. Such feelings were erroneous and now the fire of extremism spread all over the province.”Hoti maintained.
The chief minister said that the conditions are critical and the problems and difficulties cannot be avoid, however, it is fact that without peace and stability in Afghanistan, the peace and stability in FATA and in the province is impossible, but we have faced the challenges bravely and still our morals are high.
“We are committed for winning the war of the survival of the Pukhtoon nation and security of our land. Now the success in the war is the collective responsibility of the Pukhtoons and they are left with no other option”. Hoti declared.
Answering to a question regarding the change of the name of the province, the chief minister said that for the first time in Pakistan the president on the floor of the National Assembly and on the forum of United Nation has called the province as Pukhtoonkhwa.
“We are trying and believe on coalition parties that the name and autonomy of the province will remain in the upcoming constitutional amendments.” he declared.
To another question the chief minister said that orders have been issued regarding the establishment of Pashto department in Khan Abdul Wali Khan University .
Citing the Nizam-e-Adl deal in Swat the chief minister said that it was the just demand of the people of the region to provide them speedy justice at their door steps and they felt deficiency in the present judicial setup adding that the conditions are alarming but the Nizam-e-Adl Regulations will be implemented all over Malakand Division which include peaceful regions of Kohestan and Chitral.
The chief minister said that the support of all political, religious parties of the province and different sections of the society are with us and it is our responsibility to fill the deficiency of the lack of provision of justice to the people.
Regarding the video of flogging a 17years old girl the chief minister said that I am not known to it whether it took place or not and there is information that the incident did not take place in Swat.
“Suppose it did happen wherever and whenever, it is highly condemnable and every Pukhtoon, muslim even every human being condemns such acts. And the decision of the implementation of Nizam-e-Adl is made for the prevention of killing of innocent children, women and beheading of common people.”Hoti observed.
The chief minister also expressed concern over the publicity of such videos at such a critical juncture of time and said that there are some elements involved and struggling for the sabotage of Nizam-e-Adl and peace process in Malakand. The chief minister said that as far as the peace deal is concerned people of Malakand have promised to live peaceful lives and will never do something which may prove to be fatal for the peace in the region, for the deal or which is against Pakistan. Our policy regarding the tribal areas is clear and that the peace deal must contain the element of no infiltration from both sides of Pakistan and Afghanistan .. We will never wish that our land will be used against our neighbours and expect the same from them. He said that the history of Pukhtoon suggest that they always prefer the jirga system for the solution to their problems and we also believe in it. The use of force should always be the last option.
In reply to a query regarding the abduction of the diplomats of Afghanistan and Iran , the chief minister said that both the incidents are highly condemnable. Iran is our neighbor brethren Islamic country and we share the common historical relations. Afghanistan is our second home and there is no second opinion that the security of the diplomats is the duty of the government of Pakistan. We are facing problems due to the proximity of the tribal region and it doesn’t mean to hold the tribal people responsible for it. They are themselves severely affected due to such circumstances and have rendered great sacrifices.
“Our purpose is to fight those groups and forces that have established their own small states and are involved in such accidents on both sides of the border; however we will continue our efforts for the safe return of both the diplomats. The purpose of the abduction of the ambassadors is to defame the government of followers of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan on one side and on the other wants to weaken relations between the two brethren neighboring countries”. Hoti concluded..
The chief minister said that both the countries are facing terrorism and can only counter act it through cooperation and collective efforts.
Regarding a question about the drone attacks the chief minister said that it is basic that no country is allowed to act in such a manner in any independent sovereign country. Such attacks are fatal for the independence of Pakistan and are against its sovereignty. The attacks will ruthlessly affect the efforts against terrorism because it is leading towards. He clarified that operation against terrorism is the responsibility of Pakistan Army in Pakistan and Afghan Army in Afghanistan and American attitude in this regard is not in the interests of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Americans should consider the ground realities of both the countries otherwise the situations will remain intimidating.
To a question regarding the attacks on NATO terminals the chief minister said that these attacks are the results of the less cooperation and irresponsible attitudes of the contractors. The government has conducted inquiries and made some arrests, however, it is a sensitive matter.
The chief minister said that plots were designed against the Pukhtoon for several times to prove them terrorists, however, it is a good sign that the Pukhtoon have now became aware of it and they should now fight it collectively.
“From day one our government follow the policy of settling the problems peacefully and opted for the jirga system for solution to these problems and we can’t depend on others in this connection.” he maintained.
To a question regarding the new American administrative policy the chief minister said that every policy has its shortcomings and plus points, however, its fruitfulness and success depends on its practical execution. And if the policy was followed generously it might have its positive impacts on both Afghanistan and Pakistan and if any mayhems exists it will not only badly affect Afghanistan and Pakistan but also will render serious repercussions for America as well.
Towards the end of the interview the chief minister stressed on the Pukhtoon particularly the youth and said that they should follow the philosophy of peace of Bacha khan where the time is critical and the decisions about their present even the future is still to be made.
The chief minister also requested the media both in Afghanistan and Pakistan to provide objective information to the general public and play its role in the solution to their problems. The disembark of the sentiments and voices of the people of both the countries to one another is the need of the hour.

ANP's Think Tank meets at Peshawar

Federal government or Pakistan Peoples Party did not deem it fit to take ANP in confidence before making this decision public.

A meeting of consultative committee of Awami National Party was held in Chief Ministers House yesterday. The meeting was presided over by Senator Haji Muhammad Adeel, the acting Central President of Awami Natiional Party.

In an in-depth and detailed discussion the meeting took stock of the situation emerging out of the decision of the federal government to send Nizam-e-Adl Regulation to parliament. At the end of discussion the consultative committee passed the following resolution “-

“Awami National Party is disappointed at the decision of the federal government to send the Malakand Nizam-e-Adle Regulation to parliament on many

“Awami National Party is disappointed at the decision of the federal government to send the Malakand Nizam-e-Adle Regulation to parliament on many courts.

One, the aforementioned decision is in total violation of the understanding with the federal government and Presidency. At that point of time it was clearly agreed that the president of Pakistan will sign the Regulation when peace will return to Swat. After the February 16 agreement between the provincial government and Maulana Sufi Mohammad, head of TSNM, initially cease fire was declared followed by a gradual return of peace. Now with the establishment of a comparatively peaceful situation we owe it to the people of Malakand to give them Nizam-e-Adl.

Decision to fulfill our commitment. the provincial government has already sent the draft regulation to the presidency through governor of the province.

Two, we were also disappointed by the fact that the federal government or Pakistan Peoples Party did not deem it fit to take ANP in confidence before making this decision public. We learnt about it through media. We are part of the coalition government and our two parties are supposed to be in a political alliance. Keeping ANP and provincial government in dark about such an important decision in which we as the elected representatives of the people of Pakhtunkhwa are the main stake holders can not be justified on any ground.

Three, already precious time has been wasted in signing the Nizam-e-Adle Regulation and only further delay can undermine the peace process and God forbid if violence erupts again in Malakand Division it will lead to a catastrophe in our region.

We are not opposed to taking every piece of legislation to the parliament. As a matter of principle we are in favour of amending the constitution for enabling the parliament to legislate for both PATA and FATA. But in the present case time is of the essence and the constitution permits the President of Pakistan to sign the Regulation.

Therefore we demand that Nizam-e-Adle Regulation should be signed by the President of Pakistan on urgent basis. We also request our party leadership to reconsider the decision to remain part of the coalition government in case of further delay in signing the law since it involves the supreme interest of the people of the province. We assure the people of the province in general and of the Malakand Division in particular that ANP will stand firmly for their right to live in peace and shall go to any extent for this cause.

We had consulted all the political parties in the province. We shall take them into confidence about the latest development in the hear further. We repose full confidence in our leader Asfandyar Wali Khan and give him full authority to take the final decision

courts. One, the aforementioned decision is in total violation of the understanding with the federal government and Presidency. At that point of time it was clearly agreed that the president of Pakistan will sign the Regulation when peace will return to Swat. After the February 16 agreement between the provincial government and Maulana Sufi Mohammad, head of TSNM, initially cease fire was declared followed by a gradual return of peace. Now with the establishment of a comparatively peaceful situation we owe it to the people of Malakand to give them Nizam-e-Adl.

Decision to fulfill our commitment. the provincial government has already sent the draft regulation to the presidency through governor of the province. Two, we were also disappointed by the fact that the federal government or Pakistan Peoples Party did not deem it fit to take ANP in confidence before making this decision public. We learnt about it through media. We are part of the coalition government and our two parties are supposed to be in a political alliance. Keeping ANP and provincial government in dark about such an important decision in which we as the elected representatives of the people of Pakhtunkhwa are the main stake holders can not be justified on any ground. Three, already precious time has been wasted in signing the Nizam-e-Adle Regulation and only further delay can undermine the peace process and God forbid if violence erupts again in Malakand Division it will lead to a catastrophe in our region.

We are not opposed to taking every piece of legislation to the parliament. As a matter of principle we are in favour of amending the constitution for enabling the parliament to legislate for both PATA and FATA. But in the present case time is of the essence and the constitution permits the President of Pakistan to sign the Regulation. Therefore we demand that Nizam-e-Adle Regulation should be signed by the President of Pakistan on urgent basis. We also request our party leadership to reconsider the decision to remain part of the coalition government in case of further delay in signing the law since it involves the supreme interest of the people of the province. We assure the people of the province in general and of the Malakand Division in particular that ANP will stand firmly for their right to live in peace and shall go to any extent for this cause.

We had consulted all the political parties in the province. We shall take them into confidence about the latest development in the hear further. We repose full confidence in our leader Asfandyar Wali Khan and give him full authority to take the final decision.

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Swat: What are the Solutions?Zia Ur Rehman

Source:Pakhtu,Yahoogroups Discussion forum.
I think we feel easy to criticize the ANP-led provincial government but hesitate
to give them an alternative solution. Despite all the blunders, political
leadership and organistional lacking and policies, we should appreciate the
mandate of people of Swat which they gave to ANP in general elections held on
Feb 18th last year on only the slogan of recovery of peace in the area. They
received the Talibanisatin and terrorism on the peak in inheritance by former
MMA government about which is clear that MMA, esp Jammat Islami and JUI-F is
equally responsible to make Swat a safe heaven of Taliban on the behest of then
dictator ruler Musharaf. Leaving the past, ANP government started to deal with
situation but they failed. In the beginning, they made directly a truce with
Maulana Fazlullah’s team in very haste, ignoring all the stakeholders of the
society, opposing parties and even ANP lawmakers from Swat which resulted the
failure of the truce. Then they
tried to solve this problem through a military operation but we saw the
military has played a dual role, strengthen Taliban and targeted the civilian
population instead of targeting the hideout of Taliban which resulted a mass
anger against the military and provincial government and sympathy for Taliban.
Massacre of the commoners was going on by the both the military and the Taliban
in Swat. Human rights violations were on the peak by both parties. A huge
pressure from the people of Swat came forward on the provincial government to
stop the shame military operation and impose Sharia rule so that this mess could
go to an end. They started to negotiate with Taliban by putting also Sufi
Muhammad’s TNSM in this process. After consultation with all opposition
parties, including both factions of People Party and Muslim League, JUI-F, PkMAP
and others, the Swat Qaumi Aman Jirga, the local legislators, the President and
PM, Military head, and ambassadors of
USA and the Britain, they again made a truce with Taliban and enforced a Qazi
court system replacing the magistrates. According to the truce, the Taliban
prisoners made freed. After the truce, we see a thing that there is a situation
of calm in the valley comparatively. No a bloody mishap or suicide attack
happened. schools, bazaars and hospital opened . Personally I have many
reservations on this truce as Taliban are still patrolling, there is no
government writ in different areas of Swat and so on, but the truce was the key
demand of the inhabitants of the valley which I also respect. They need the
peace whaterver it is on temporality basis.
I have many things to criticize the ANP government on the truce but nothing to
give them a solution of this problem so I think it is better for all of us to
give an alternate solution. Some circles are demanding ANP to quit the
government. Okay, they will resign, what will be happen? religious parties or
PPP come to the power? are they will solve the problem? or the resignaiton of
ANP from governmnte is the solution.
like Asfandyar, I am also searching the
solution....................................of the issue.
Ziaآ Ur Rehmanآ

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Pashtu Literature:Reference on Dr. Sahib Shah Sabir

Reference on Dr. Sahib Shah Sabir
Report by Muhammad Arif, Roohul Amin


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PSF:Pashtun Student Fedration

Pakhtoon Student Fedration

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Swat Girl Video by Samar Minallah

Swat Girl Video by Samar Minallah

Khan Baba
The horrible, reprehensible and shocking video of lashing a 17 years girl in Kabal (Swat), produced by Samar Minallah, has been condemned throughout the country.

It is worth mentioning that as per Muslim Khan (Taliban representative) the incident occurred 10 months back. When Samar Minallah was asked about the time of incident, she initially gloss over the question. When she was asked again, then she didn’t give the time of incident. Now how it is possible that she got the video but didn’t ask the date of incident.

In fact, many like Samar Minallah are against the peace deal in Swat right from day one. However, Samar Minallah very cleverly chooses the right time to release the video. As she was rewarded by USA for her human right efforts and now she wanted to reciprocate US by releasing the video when any such issue was required for USA agenda.

The worth of Samar Minallah is not less than those Taliban who committed the crime. She never spoke even once about the miseries of Swatians, she didn’t ask US to help the poor and miseries stricken people of Swat but she came forward to release a shocking video and disgraced that young girl in the entire world.

Shame on Samar Ninallah, Tahira Abdullah and all those who are trying their earnest to sabotage peace in Swat and bring back the same barbarism in Swat.
A more detailed hot discussion:

Why Samar Minallah trying to sabotage Swat peace process?

Retrieved from:

Why a five/six month old incidence of flogging a woman has been now publicized by Samar Minallah, and later widely circulated around the world. It is learnt that recording from a phone camera of above event was sold to international brokers, a lottery for Samar Minallah to earn hundred thousand dollars and free publicity.

Punishment to woman was Islamic or non-Islamic; it is duty of courts and clergy to comment on the matter. Distribution and publicity of above event on such a large scale around the world have political ambitions rather human rights or women protection concerns. If you pick today’s newspaper the statements of a particular group is witness to the fact that this political drama is based on sectarian abhorrence.

Minallah family is known crony of Musharraf and poses as die hard lover of Bhutto and Peoples Party. In the present circumstances when Athar Minallah played a role in restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, he and Aitzaz Ahsan were responsible for sending CJ to the Zardari house, which was widely criticized throughout Pakistan. It is presumed that Hamid Mir of GEO TV is aware of whole conspiracy to sabotage Swat peace agreement, and he tried to give feelers about this on his Capital talk TV show.

It is assumed that some elements want to disrupt peace agreement of Swat area, as it is in final course of action and lying on the table of Zardari for signature. Moreover since Americans have announced USD 1.5 billion annual stipends; briskness of expected beneficiaries is on highest altitude to pose them warriors or crusaders, who are dictating Pakistan army to join civil war.

Since last few months lots of human rights abuses have been reported by media but Samar Minallah did not bother to came forward and comment on any of events such as:

Israr ullah Zehri appointed as minister in PPP’s government
Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani appointed as Minister of Education by PPP.
Abdul Qayyum Jatoi was caught red handed at Cat House Islamabad, later appointed as minister by PPP.
Altaf Hussain kicked out his wife from his home; later goons of MQM deprived her from rights and legal proceedings.
Legislation has been passed in Afghanistan denying right of Shia women by Hamid Karazai.
Pakistan army has brutally murdered hundreds of women and children with the help of air strikes and canons in Swat and FATA areas.
NATO is regularly killing women and children through drone attacks.
Hundreds of girls of Jamia Hafsa were brutally murdered, kidnapped and humiliated by Pakistan army.
Pakistan army, Frontier Forces still have occupied dozens of schools in war torn areas, but no one has courage to point out that why security forces are sitting in schools. And whenever Taliban attacks on those schools then a different picture is presented.
At Peshawar today anybody can visit and see “Heera Mandi Street”, no Taliban or Al Qaida ever attacked there nor did Samar Minallah ever help prostitutes to adopt any other profession. NWFP has largest market of male Prostitutes as well; titles of some of the sex business are so vulgar that peoples avoid quoting them. Crying on the name of Women protection is a political drama or means to receive aid from overseas countries.
There are so much hue and cries for polio vaccination, question is why Musharraf awarded such contracts to Agha Khanis? and why whole education system was handed over to Agha Khan School Board. All privatized tourism hotels have been awarded to them and even 99.9% five star hotels is owned by that group. On other hand Karakoram State and Agha Khan State is in pipe line. That was the only reason that Idi Amin kicked them out from Uganda.
All above are a few examples excluding Aafia Siddiqui case and many women who have been involved in terrorism related cases by agencies. In the month of March Zardari was involved in allowing security agencies to jump in to homes with the help of ladders to crush lawyer’s movement. It is on record that security agencies brutally humiliated protesters including women during entire movement of restoration of justice.

Athar Minallah who was crony of Musharraf and minister in his cabinet want to fail ANP government for the sake of making room for PPP. Question is why Minallah family now abruptly started to broadcast on TV channels that Swat peace agreement has been failed and condition is for worst then civil war times? Additionally Army should continue to fight in those areas and so many other pessimistic theories could be witnessed on TV channels and papers.

Nasr Minallah who served Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as a civil servant later he was ill-treated by General Zia ul Haq due to his contacts with Bhutto. After death his wife Bilqis became MNA. They have four children Athar, Fauzia, Akmal and Samar. Their close relative, Justice Safdar Shah, was the Supreme Court judge who wrote a judgment declaring Bhutto innocent of the crime for which he was ultimately hanged (a 4 to 3 majority vote in the Supreme Court).

Athar Minallah poses that he is a lover of Z A Bhutto but why he worked as a Minister in Musharraf Government. His story of participation in lawyer’s movement is well known. Samar Minallah is his sister who claimed to be living in Swat since last two years but neither Taliban touched her nor Al Qaeda.

There is a strong group of Afghan Northern alliance in Islamabad, who have established an Aryana Institute for Regional Research and Advocacy (AIRRA) at Islamabad funded by anti-Pakistan quarters. Their major aims and ambitions include keeping Pakistan army busy in civil war. Majority of communists and cronies of India and Russia are sitting in Islamabad for spying on Pakistan. Their office is established in a large palace at a posh area of Islamabad. Farhat Taj Andersen is their spokes person, who is a Christian convert and based at Oslo. She is a great friend of Jang group and Salman Taseer media group who usually publish her poisonous sermons based on hatred and fascist theories.

People of Pakistan are watching helplessly to observe maneuvers of politicians, army and bureaucracy. They were asked to pray for peace during civil war. Now when peace has returned to the area anarchists, fascists and groups surviving on the stipend of imperialists are trying hard to interrupt whole peace process. Restoration of judiciary which left a soft impression on global level has now been tactfully sabotaged by Samar Minallah. The video she has sold to overseas agencies is continuously running on all leading channels around globe.

It is certainly move of Musharraf and Zardari, who are behind Samar Minallah.

By International Professor

[Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are sole responsibility of the Author. Chowrangi assumes no liability for this.]

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Asfandyar khan with Dr.Shahid Masood
Geo Tv programme:Mere Motabiq.

Meray Mutabiq 05th April 2009 Part 1

Asfandiyar khan on Geo

Meray Mutabiq 05th April 2009 Part 3

Asfandiyar khan on Geo

Meray Mutabiq 05th April 2009 Part 4

Asfandiyar khan on Geo

Meray Mutabiq 05th April 2009 Part 5

Asfandiyar khan on Geo

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