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Thursday, May 24, 2007

12th May:The day when the stones cried

The day when the stones cried

Mohammad Ayub Khan

Reading various individual tales full of horrors and agony, our poor Pakhtun brothers went through, it is hard to believe that these thugs, guns totting slayers have any human heart and because of their brutality against unarmed and innocents people on the streets and road of Karachi, they don’t deserve a shred of mercy from any quarter. May 12th or Black Saturday would be remembered when the MQM exposed to the world because of their built in terrorist tendencies and their intolerance for any democratic culture. Altaf Hussein’s new image created by his mentors in GHQ and his weird speeches on and off delivered to the hired crowds over phone are no more trust worthy. All of his tall claims of liberalism, pseudo intellectualism and striving against feudalism have vanished in the thin air when they shown their actual colour of supporting their mentors and now allowing the Chief Justice to speak to the lawyers in Karachi.. Since May 12th many stories have been published in various periodicals, which narrate how these unarmed Pakhtun and other democracy loving protestors were cornered and then cold-bloodedly shot dead. How these trigger happy bands of MQM muggers used the official guns against these freedom loving and the custodian of constitutional rule precisionists and killed without any pity. Their lone crime and their only demand threatened the dethroning of their masters and they wanted to convey the message of their absolute loyalties. Heaven cried, stone cried but these beasts in the form of human did not bothered and killed, maimed and destroyed every thing standing in their way. It was not a new experience for them, as these cowards killed hundred of thousand Bengalis under the Al Shams and Al Badar pet armed wings of Jamaat Islami in East Pakistan and later killed many in Sindh when Sindhi was declared Provincial Language in 1972. Their expertise of killing grown more matured when General Zia asked them go against the oppressive Pakhtun, Sindhi and Baloch and because of their terrible crimes the 1980s carries the worst tales of human massacres. Democracy and free elections never remained on the political agenda of MQM, however with the advent of democratic rule in this country in the 1980s; MQM enjoyed an enormous leverage whenever the rigged elections resulted in the hung parliament. They extracted to the last drop both the Sindh government and the Federal government under Nawaz Sharif and Banazir and every time they earned the name of worst blackmailers. Before assuming power they use to run after their target but after the taking over as a coalition partner, they started sending letters to extract protection money. With the financial resources expansion their leaders and workers changed their life style. Can any body ask the self styled intellectual and fugitive Altaf Hussain what are his source of incomes, to bear the expenses of living in the world most expensive city of London? Once they took over Karachi, it followed Hyderabad and seeing their growth all the land mafia, extortionists, thugs and small time swindlers joined their ranks. Today they snatch the mini buses owned by poor Pakhtun and if they refuse or ask for advance, these muggers simply put these on fire. Who is going to stop them? Police are their own people and the government is already in their hands. What the dummy Pir and his lackeys say? They call it the conspiracy hatched by the regime or miscreants or simply accused hidden hands to divide this country. So who is the miscreant or regime, it is you Mr. Hussain and your stooges, no one else. Your gimmick would not work anymore neither your long speeches with long periods would help to deceive the masses. You are the one responsible for this bloodshed and soon these poor Pakhtun would drag your spiteful statue in the streets of Karachi just like the Iraqis did with Saddam Hussain. Your cruel face and your hands, littered with innocent blood is talk of the town. There is no one today who can stand beside you and defend your inhuman carnage. All of your mentors and patrons are probably thinking seriously to ask the British government for your extradition and pull you to the court of justice, whose chief you have insulted, whose lovers you have killed. All your crazy drama is over, and your mob of opporuntists is soon to disperse. You started with killing and you will close it with killing. Mohtarma Banazir Bhutto has spelt the beans about the General Musharraf and MQM relation and the previous such links are no more secret. Gone are the days, when the name of MQM was enough to scare the businessmen, lawyers, government official in Karachi and make your way. Pakhtun have patiently endured all the wounds and killing but the May 12th proven the proverbial last straw on the back of the camel. Pakhtun are the only force who can bring down this monster to the ground. Pakhtun Action Committee or Pakhtun Loya Jirga is a formidable democratic entity today and the Sindh Government is desperately trying to reach their leaders and plead them to postpone their planned 3 days wheel jam strike. It would be another feature in the cap of PAC/LJ after the November 2006 complete strike to demand something for their people. They have very proudly refused to receive the blood money from the government and did not go to the police station to register their FIR just because they did not trust any more in the MQM run show in that province. All the political parities, civil society organizations, lawyers, and patriotic individuals are on their side. They have a strong standing against these atrocities and the government of Sindh and its coalition partners have no moral or constitutional right to go against them. Loya Jirga need to contact other parties who have not yet show their decision to support their strike but at the end of the day, they will certainly go along. So far ARD, MMA, Sindh Awami Tehrik, Karachi Transport Ittihad (KTI), The Sindh Goods Trucks and Trailers Association (SGTTA), PONM, Awami National Party, Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP), Sindh Democratic Group, PTI, business associations etc have supported their call. Despite enjoying such a huge support from all these organizations, it would be of paramount importance to bring together the Pakhtun nationalists under one alliance. It is good omen that Asfandyar Khan and Mahmood Khan visited Karachi and went to the bereaved families jointly to offer their condolence and then visited the hospitals to enquire about the health of the injured; however, this should go beyond that point and search for more areas where they can collaborate. They need to make this Loya Jirga the future of the whole Pakhtun nation. Pakhtun are not only targeted in Karachi but the whole of their land in Pakistan and Afghanistan is the killing field and their sons are the victims from both sides. They need to learn from this experience that their unity and steadfast political endeavor can force the tyranny of the age to come on their door and beg for their mercy. Let Pakhtun of Karachi be joined by Pakhtun of Peshawar and Quetta. Let ask these Pakhtun nationalist political parties to persuade city governments of Quetta and Peshawar to go at least on one day complete strike to show fraternity and brotherhood. It is heartening to hear that Balochistan Assembly has pass an unanimous resolution against the May 12th killing and an identical bill has been submitted in the Pakhtunkhwa Assembly from where it is expected to receive the same sort of approval. At the same time we should also condemn the Karachi city government and Sindh Provincial assembly moves that did not allow such resolutions and plainly supported the killers of Pakhtun and other people. Punjab Assembly has no guts to stand for the justice and would never pass such resolution to condemn the killers, on the contrary would pass the bill to support them and their sponsors.

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