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Sunday, May 20, 2007

MQM terrorist group

MQM terrorist group
Wasif syed
terrorist group Some videos to prove what people all over Pakistan already know. A lot of other activities of MQM terrorists were not captured in other areas of the city. MQM Terrorists with automatic weapons at Gurumandir: MQM Nazim beating woman in City Council: Lawyers Press Conference Against MQM: MQM Youth destroying the car of AAJ TV Anchor Nadia: Bullet inside newsroom of AAJ TV fired by MQM workers: BBC's Video of MQM Terrorists attacking AAJ TV: Talat Hussain Live on Phone when MQM workers firing at AAJ TV: Independent Reporting depicting who were firing: See the MQM Flags in the hands of people who are firing clearly. Once again Karachi City was held hostage by MQM! Those who still speak in favour of MQM due to their fear or past inclination should open their eyes now at least. The reality that we knew for past years and were trying to tell people is now publicly open ... thanks to AAJ TV, DAWN, BBC, CNN and other media. Altaf Hussain is the biggest liar of history and the most pathetic person only working for his own designs, power, thirst of money. Its a shame on anybody who supports MQM, Altaf Hussain their political party, their armed struggle for more power after seeing all these events. Even after killing of 12 innocent people 3 years before on 12th May on a single seat for bi-elections , their thirst is not over. And now once again on 12th may they killed 39 people for "anti-chief justice rally" ... wow! anti-cheif justice ... just imagine the magnitude of the motive for killings! And what happened on AAJ TV Office can be though of their move to silent the media and people to speak against them. Thanks to media for exposing the real face of MQM. Those who still say Karachi can be peaceful with MQM in this city ... be an ostrich for whenever you like to!Chaos to the terrorists, liars, two-faced political party, blackmailers of Pakistan ... MQM!

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