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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pakhtuns under siege

Pakhtuns under siege
Hamid Khan
In the history of South Asia the one nation that formed a bulwark against any and every invading army were none others than the gallant and noble Pakhtuns. Contrary to the quiescent nature, to put it mildly, of their neighbouring nations - nations who gleefully towed in line with accommodating and prosecuting their masters’ imperial agenda, which in present day Pakistan is still very much the case - the Pakhtuns stood fearlessly in the path of this aggression; as free men they knew no master, bowing to no man as they bow to the Almighty Allah regardless of the consequences and calamites that were to befall upon this resilient nation. The Pakhtuns’ sense of self-respect, sacrifices in the path of their Deen, a display of ferocious fighting on the battlefield, and an eternal love of their beloved land are facts unrivalled, and above all a nation that is imbued in honesty and fidelity the kind of virtues that have been attracting men from the length and breath of human societies. Ironically, despite having made the unprecedented sacrifices through out the ages to emancipate this land from imperial oppression, today we find this very Pakhtun in the ‘land of pure’ to be on the receiving end. The creation of Pakistan was supposed to bring peace and harmony to the inhabitants of Pakhtun khwa but instead a policy of suspicion and betrayal became the fate of this hapless nation. Mr Jinnah, mindful of these facts, went out of his way and against the wishes of a Punjabi dominated army in abolishing the remnants of British military posts in the land of these noble souls as a token of appreciation in the newly formed Pakistan. Nothing has since been done to address the issues concerning the Pakhtun nation; instead every opportunity is exploited by the rulers of the country in stigmatising this nation for personal political interests. The recent massacre of our innocent brethren in Karachi, masterminded by the axis of MQM-Musharraf-Chaudhries, is yet another sordid reminder of this invariable betrayal by the Pakistani ruling junta. And so there continues the indiscriminate killings of a nation whose only crime is to eke out a livelihood in a city of hostility. Against this background, it is no doubt an insurmountable task to educate men who are gangster-terrorists turned politicians, resentful-sycophant Chudhries, and thick-minded-behind bullet proof screen Generals, and who we now find to be perpetually ensconced in a world of fantasies and lies in order to hold to their illegitimate power. Could someone tell these cowards about those they have been murdering? Aren’t these innocent Pakhtuns the offspring of those legendary riders who galloped across the lands and rivers to rescue the ancestors of Altaf Hussain, Musharraf, and the Chaudhries of Punjab from the onslaught of Marathas and later the Sikh marauders? Wasn’t this the eminent Shah Wali’ullah (RA) who pleaded with our Abdali Baba, and quite rightly so, to heed cries of the mothers and sisters of Indian Muslims - the forefathers of Musharraf, Altaf and Chudhries? Didn’t these Pakhtuns, sixty thousand in number, rode in hast to face and shatter the three and half lakh strong cavalry of Marathas to save the Indian Muslims from a total annihilation? Don’t they know that when the fathers and grand-fathers of Musharraf and these Chudhries were busy saluting and serving in utter servility their British oppressors in the land south of Indus, it were these very Pakhtuns battling in land north of the river and across the whole of Pakhtun khwa and Afghanistan to emancipate this land and its people from British slavery. Could they tell us what crimes these wretched souls have committed to deserve this? Was voting for Pakistan, if there was one, a grave mistake on our part? Unfortunately, a mission is underway from Kabul to Karachi to punish this conscientious nation once again for standing against imperial oppressors - be it America or Britain - and defying those puppets propped up Washington and London. Whilst writing these lines I look at a recent picture of an Afghan woman in Kabul market with her hand stretched out begging a passer-by. This is what has become of the Western promises to Afghan women, and not to mention a young Afghan-Farsiban girl in a bikini participating in a beauty contest in Europe - a long awaited gift from the west to embrace the Afghans into a “civilise” mode of living. Entire villages of Pakhtun inhabitants are wiped out and marriage parties are bombed with women and children blown to pieces for a reward from an imperial master that is to bring economic prosperity to the land south of Indus. Openly and shamelessly a Pakistani minister, Sheikh Rasheed, says in a debate on Geo TV that hadn’t they assisted their maters in this killing spree, they (America) he says would have made a ‘tora bora of us’. In other words let us sacrifice the wretched Pakhtuns in order to save our palatial palaces. Never they learn from history and never it occurs to these senseless puppets that the Creator is watching and that there is no escape from His wrath. The story does not end in Afghanistan. Over eighty thousand proxy army of Pakistan is currently engaged in different parts of Pakhtunkhwa in killing the innocents to assist in the American crusade against the Muslim world. Driven by this satanic agenda the massacre of Pakhtun children in Bajauar who were gathered to pray to Almighty Allah was abhorrently depicted as a military success against a “potential terrorist” target. And this onslaught against our people is in full swing as we speak! The task ahead for us by no means is an easy one; there are tribal differences, there are party politics ripe than ever before to divide and turn us against each other. However and despite these inevitable and natural differences it is a high time for us to pause and contemplate. This should be the most pressing issue for every politician and their party to find a way out for our brothers and sisters in Karachi and to take practical measures in stopping this mass killing of our people in Pakhtunkhwa by a proxy army of Pakistan. Hence, to succeed in this noble mission two vital things are desperately needed: Trust in Allah and Unity.

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