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Sunday, May 20, 2007

MQM stance ?

MQM stance ?
Muhammad Waseem Elahi Gujranwala
MQM founder Altaf Hussain wrote an open letter to the Pakistani nation in which he alleged the political and religious parties for threatning the democracy and politicising the constitutional reference against the CJP. After the brutal incidents of 12th May, he talked to the President SHCBA and tried to relax the situation. It was sure that the MQM is a fascist party. I can not name it a political party. The wicked behaviour of the sector incharges working and responsible for bringing the people out of their homes along with women and infants to attend the rallies of the 'Altaf Bhai' are very much cruel. The people of Karachi hate with these kinds of people but due to the backing of establishment, they can not resist their forceful orders. Disobeying of any order cost them severe damges like life, kidnapping, torture, disrespect, 'Jagga' and abuses. The lawyers fraternity is struggling for the revival of constitution and democracy. Altaf Hussain's and his party's true face has been exposed in front of every Pakistani. The costly ads published in all the newspapers of Paksitan to divert the people's attention, never brought any fruitful results to this fascist party. These ads were clearly against the struggle of lawyers fraternity. Altaf Hussain must learnt that "Action speaks louder than Words". He can never win the hearts of Pakistani nation until he and his party doesn't quit the nefarious activities. Only a loud speech can not work. Altaf Hussain was claiming that his party is getting 'fame' in all the Punjab province but the recent resignations from the office bearers of MQM Punjab in the wake of 12th May brutal violant incidents has exposed his traitor party's position in the Punjab. If Altaf Hussain is not agreed with the idealogy of Pakistan then for what task these Mohajirs came here in Pakistan? He always rebuke over the idealogical concerns and tinker on the historical facts. Due to the obstinate behaviour of the leadership of MQM to arrange a rally on 12th May, caused the loss of precious lives. The true face of his party has been exposed and he must ask pardon from the whole Pakistani nation as well as from lawyers fraternity while doing a surgery of their fascist attitude. If the MQM postponed their rally on that specific day, couldn't this blood bath be avioded? At least then the MQM would not be a part of this blood bath but now of course MQM has revealed his power to kill. The government of Great Britain must take preompt and serious action against MQM leader Altaf Hussain and shouldn't provide shelter to a killer.
The Frontier Post.

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