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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Talk on Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan) ‘The nonviolent soldier of Islam’ 1890-1988

Bacha Khan read the holy prophet (PBUH) life in Mecca and learnt nonviolence. He taught his colleagues to shun enmities, jealousy, hate, arms and instead to adopt simplicity, nonviolence, brotherhood, and helping human beings. He presented himself first as a role model to others. Servant of God took an oath before joining the organization, to get rid of all the superstation, custom and tradition, to not hurt any human by hand and tongue and to work for the welfare of humanity nonviolently. This gave birth to a hundred thousand strong well-organized army, for the first time in the world history.

Though Ghaffar Khan was close friend of Gandhi he learnt every thing from his religion of Islam. All the servants of GOD solders were volunteers, spending from their own pockets without any outside support. Most of them forgave their enmities who killed their nearest and dearest in the past. J. S. Bright, a contemporary biographer of Ghaffar Khan, has also supported this argument. According to him :

“Ghaffar Khan is in complete accord with the principle of nonviolence. But he has not borrowed his outlook from Mahatma Gandhi. He has reached it and reached it independently. Independently like a struggler after truth. No doubt, his deep study of Koran has influenced his doctrine of love…Hence if Ghaffar Khan has arrived at the philosophy of non-violence, it is absolutely no wonder. Of the two, Ghaffar Khan and Mahatma Gandhi, my personal view is that the former has achieved a higher level of spirituality. The Khan has reached heaven, while the Pundit is firmly on the earth but ironically enough; the Mahatma is struggling in the air! Ghaffar Khan, like Shelley, has come from heaven to the earth, while Mahatma Gandhi, like Keats, is going from earth to the heaven. Hence, I do not understand why Ghaffar Khan should be called the Frontier Gandhi. There is no other reason except this that the Mahatma was earlier in the field, more ambitious than spiritual, and has been able to capture, somehow or the other, a greater publicity. If we judge a person by spiritual qualities, Mahatma Gandhi should rather be called the Indian Khan than Ghaffar Khan the Frontier Gandhi: true, there the matter ends.”
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