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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


By Dr Khurshid Alam

Pakistan’s inferiority complex is an understandable. A country created out of blue, with no history of it’s own, no cultural back ground or a history of struggle for freedom. It was the joint political conspiracy of British and Indian national congress to deliver it, to the Muslim leaders. Both powers had its own political interest. Indian national congress was not ready to give in so much to Muslim demands and secondly to have such a huge minority of Muslims, always acting as a constant irritant.

For Britain it was important to have a country, which can toe their line even after their departure. They knew about the freedom fighter Indian leaders that they cannot be expected the same service.

Pakistan was a hollow country in its intrinsic nature. Soon after its creation they always tried to seek refuge in the history of others. They were using the history of Arabs, Indian Muslim Rulers and Afghan history. It was a search for self-identity, which was not really in existence. It was the craftsmanship of British to graft religion to the genesis of a country.

That proved to be wrong, not after a long time; but the country was split in two after 23 years of its creation. The graft of religion could not hold it to gather. It was an incompatible transplant in the globe. The rejection phenomenon could be delayed but not stopped. The process is still going on and the world has realised that the country is non viable, after all. But it is needed for some time, if not forever, by the global powers for their strategic interests.

It is up to Pakistani rulers to ignore it, but international fraternity cannot ignore deep cultural, historical and financial breeches in the body of Pakistan . The inflow of anti-rejection drugs, in this case; aid in the form of Dollars and Riyals, are being pumped in to the country to hold it together; till the strategic ultimate end is achieved in South West Asia and Central Asia.
Pakistan sensitivity is understandable. At times it starts screaming to be treated equally with India. At present they are gripped with fear by the terminology used by Mr.Obama, AfPak. They are grumbling that they have been equated with Afghanistan, being a nuclear power. They are forgetting that the nuclear facility holding by Pakistan , is the basic reason of anxiety and worry for the international powers, who matter in maintaining world peace. A non-viable country having non-viable state with nuclear facility; is always a threat to world peace, in case it falls in to irresponsible hands, as in the case of disintegration of U.S.S.R.

Pakistan is a Balkan state like Yugoslavia and others. The Soviet might kept them together, as the mentor melted away the Balkan states crumbled one after the other.

The international world has started to understand the difference between, ”WATAN” (the mother land) and a country. The counties are made and disintegrated by men. The motherland is more near to the nature and has the intrinsic strength of the Mother Nature.

Afghanistan is going through a bloody drama for the last three decades, completely destroyed having nothing except land, no infra structure or a system of government or an army like Pakistan of seven million men in uniform. It is the intrinsic strength of the Mother Nature, holding it together. In East Pakistan crisis it was the lack of this bond that the country could not be held together even for two years. Geographically also, if Afghanistan is restored to its originality, will be holder of the key to the stability of the region. Even now the present truncated Afghanistan is geo-politically more important to the world than Pakistan. As I mentioned in one of my article before that if Afghanistan is gateway to India, it is a gang way to central Asia. Afghanistan cannot be ignored any more. It was the US policy in early 50’s to ignore Afghanistan, and now paying the price for its folly. British always considered it, the Heart of Asia. It was the corner stone of their policy, that the peace in this region is closely intertwined with the peace in Afghanistan.

Pakistan with all its intrinsic contradiction is a liability for the world, not an asset. The liability has to be protected till it serves its purpose and this exactly US is doing to day. The aid flowing to Pakistan is to improve the chances to stabilize Afghanistan. The big or small powers are fighting the wars for economical interests and the hub of interest is Afghanistan not Pakistan. The logic lies in the peace and stability of Afghanistan,
No one has the treatment for Pakistan’s complex. It is a genetic disease they have to live with it.

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