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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Swat Girl Video by Samar Minallah

Swat Girl Video by Samar Minallah

Khan Baba
The horrible, reprehensible and shocking video of lashing a 17 years girl in Kabal (Swat), produced by Samar Minallah, has been condemned throughout the country.

It is worth mentioning that as per Muslim Khan (Taliban representative) the incident occurred 10 months back. When Samar Minallah was asked about the time of incident, she initially gloss over the question. When she was asked again, then she didn’t give the time of incident. Now how it is possible that she got the video but didn’t ask the date of incident.

In fact, many like Samar Minallah are against the peace deal in Swat right from day one. However, Samar Minallah very cleverly chooses the right time to release the video. As she was rewarded by USA for her human right efforts and now she wanted to reciprocate US by releasing the video when any such issue was required for USA agenda.

The worth of Samar Minallah is not less than those Taliban who committed the crime. She never spoke even once about the miseries of Swatians, she didn’t ask US to help the poor and miseries stricken people of Swat but she came forward to release a shocking video and disgraced that young girl in the entire world.

Shame on Samar Ninallah, Tahira Abdullah and all those who are trying their earnest to sabotage peace in Swat and bring back the same barbarism in Swat.
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