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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Swat: What are the Solutions?Zia Ur Rehman

Source:Pakhtu,Yahoogroups Discussion forum.
I think we feel easy to criticize the ANP-led provincial government but hesitate
to give them an alternative solution. Despite all the blunders, political
leadership and organistional lacking and policies, we should appreciate the
mandate of people of Swat which they gave to ANP in general elections held on
Feb 18th last year on only the slogan of recovery of peace in the area. They
received the Talibanisatin and terrorism on the peak in inheritance by former
MMA government about which is clear that MMA, esp Jammat Islami and JUI-F is
equally responsible to make Swat a safe heaven of Taliban on the behest of then
dictator ruler Musharaf. Leaving the past, ANP government started to deal with
situation but they failed. In the beginning, they made directly a truce with
Maulana Fazlullah’s team in very haste, ignoring all the stakeholders of the
society, opposing parties and even ANP lawmakers from Swat which resulted the
failure of the truce. Then they
tried to solve this problem through a military operation but we saw the
military has played a dual role, strengthen Taliban and targeted the civilian
population instead of targeting the hideout of Taliban which resulted a mass
anger against the military and provincial government and sympathy for Taliban.
Massacre of the commoners was going on by the both the military and the Taliban
in Swat. Human rights violations were on the peak by both parties. A huge
pressure from the people of Swat came forward on the provincial government to
stop the shame military operation and impose Sharia rule so that this mess could
go to an end. They started to negotiate with Taliban by putting also Sufi
Muhammad’s TNSM in this process. After consultation with all opposition
parties, including both factions of People Party and Muslim League, JUI-F, PkMAP
and others, the Swat Qaumi Aman Jirga, the local legislators, the President and
PM, Military head, and ambassadors of
USA and the Britain, they again made a truce with Taliban and enforced a Qazi
court system replacing the magistrates. According to the truce, the Taliban
prisoners made freed. After the truce, we see a thing that there is a situation
of calm in the valley comparatively. No a bloody mishap or suicide attack
happened. schools, bazaars and hospital opened . Personally I have many
reservations on this truce as Taliban are still patrolling, there is no
government writ in different areas of Swat and so on, but the truce was the key
demand of the inhabitants of the valley which I also respect. They need the
peace whaterver it is on temporality basis.
I have many things to criticize the ANP government on the truce but nothing to
give them a solution of this problem so I think it is better for all of us to
give an alternate solution. Some circles are demanding ANP to quit the
government. Okay, they will resign, what will be happen? religious parties or
PPP come to the power? are they will solve the problem? or the resignaiton of
ANP from governmnte is the solution.
like Asfandyar, I am also searching the
solution....................................of the issue.
Ziaآ Ur Rehmanآ

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