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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pushtoon's Insulte At Youtube

Sha Chaaray! /Salamoona/Hiya!

Dear Friends!
As you are reading my writing and you are sitting behind computer then i am sure you must be watching youtube for entertainment,there, when ever you write Pashto Pukhto Afghan Pushtoon Pukhtoon Afghanistan Pushtoonistan Pukhtoonistan it gives you hundreds of videos,beside videos you are looking for there are some vidoes which are there to hurt our feelings,to insulte us,i know as a pure Afghan/Pushtoon/Pukhtoon it really hurts and it makes our blood boiling and our temp high,hold on guys!, instead of getting pissedoff and making our mood off why don't we declare a war on such videos? why don't we work to remove such videos from youtube? ok..let's do to do that?

Youtube has a policy if there is any meterial based on abuse,insulte of any ethnicity,culture,creed,langauge then they will remove that for us it is very simple work to do but it will be good for millions pushtoon browsing youtube for songs and other videos releated to us.

When you are playing a video in you tube beneath the video screen you have
four options like this

Share -----Favorite------Add to Playlists------Flag

Here what you need to do is if you find any video insulting us then click on will open a small window..where you will be asked for reasons..brows the reasons and select Hateful & Abusive contents then click on Flag it..This video will be removed as early as possible..

So girls and guys let's start our war on youtube..plz forward this messge/link to any one you know to get more people involved..

Thank you.


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