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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fareed Sehrayee Saib Passes away!

Sehrayee Saib Passes away!

A selfless and dedicated soldier of Pashto language Farid Sehrayee passed away yesterday (08/11/07) in Prhaango, Charsadda. Sehrayee saib was the main person who gathered most of Pashto words for Pashto dictionary ‘Daryaab’ that was complied by Qalandar Momand under the auspices of Pashto Dictionary Project. It was Farid Sehrayee who actually gathered the wood from the trees for which he travelled far and wide and collected original Pashto vocabulary.

Born and living in Charsadda, this precious son of the Soil silently led Pashtuns’ march towards their lost memories. I am to correct my opening sentence and rank Sehrayee saib as the Silent General of the march rather than a soldier.

Rest in peace!

(Zakir Hussain)
Dawezay Momand (kw)

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Pukhtunyar said...

May his soul rest in peace.

However, I'd like to correct you. I am a person who has personally witnessed the whole process of the compilation of that dictionary, and if Sehrayi sahib was alive today, he himself would have refuted your claim. Qalandar sahib was an ocean of knowledge -- a linguist par excellence. He knew more than a dozen languages, and also all the dialects of the Pashto language. The dictionary was his labor of love, and those who know better would tell you that the name of Sehrayi sahib was printed on the dictionary because some bigots in the establishment could not give the entire credit to a person who they felt did not share their religious thoughts!!!