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Friday, July 06, 2007

Mavlana Amir Mohammad tarkhavi / Khudai khedmatgaar Nun paroon.مولانا امېر محمد تر خوی

Some Places get historical importance due to an incident or due to some personality.Such a place is Jamia Masjid Ghazi gul baba of charsadda which got fame due to speeches and sermons given by Bacha Khan in this Juamat/Masjid on ocaassions of Akhtar/eidain and same time he would give sermon on friday prayer( Jume khutba).This Jumaat/Masjid imama was Mavlana Ameer Mohammad Tarkhaviمولانا امېر محمد تر خوی.the late mavlana amir Mohammad was himself a historical personality whose services were not only for Islam but he was great freedom fighter and took part in freedom struggle with Bacha Khan khudai khedmatgar tehreek خدائ خد مت ګار and was prisone most of his life.According to Meem Rey Shafaq م٠ر٠شفق(Pashtu Poet and writer)Mavlana had a difficult life like other khudai khedmatgaars.But he suffered all difficulties with great patience.Mavlana was moderate pashtun nationalist islamic scholar.He wrote a lot of books.he was a strong nad brave person.he would say that among the companions of shetaan/satan he liked abu jahal because he was strong,brave and did what he wanted unless he died.But in the same company he dislike ferghun,because when he was near to death,then he cried for help and became coward in his last movement.He would convince the people to fight against british by giving logical evidance from Quraan and hadees.He spent a lot of time in jail but never ask for clemency.What ever the place like Jumaat/masjid,political meeting he would discuss the matters in such a way that every one would have been convinced.Mavlana Trakhavi usually critisize traditional Mullahs and spritual leaders.Meem rey Shafaq م٠ر٠شفق(Mushtaqur Rehman Shafaq) is telling a story that in a village طوروtoru (Mardan) a famous Islamic Scholar mavlana Gul Badsha said that in 1965 a pious man saw dream that Mohammad PBUH was ready to fight on his horse.The companions asked "Where do you intend to go" Muhammad PBUH replied that Hindus has attacked on pakistan and i am going to help them.these type of spritual and supernatural stories were criticized by Mavlana tarkhavi sb.He said that we should ask from people who saw these type of dreams that when Mohammad PBUH was comming to help Pakistan from saudi Arabia then why he left palastine which is very near to him and where human rights voilations are bieng done by Israel.He was of the opinion that these type of stories bring thae nation to the world of dreams instead of actions because if the nation gets the actual practice of islam then there is danger for these Mullahs to grab money from common man in form of scholarships and charities.مولانا امېر محمد تر خویMavlana consider Bacha Khan با چا خان as his saint and said that according to Quranic principles Bacha Khan با چا خان is the real and true pashtun leader.He would call him the "The King Of Peace' "د ا من باد شاه".At the end of 2nd partدويمه سپا ره of Quran there is a story of fight betweenTaloot and jalootطالوت ، جا لوت.When Talot goes out he asks his followers not to drink water from a particular canal on the way because ALLAH talah test you at the bank of this canal.A little bit of water will not be a problem but maximum of those drank that awter except asmall amount of people.In light of the above qauranic verse Mavlana indicates a fact about our political life and has written that Taloot had a small number of people who obeyed ALLAH order and that they succeded in defeating jaloot.But The "king of People" was left alone by his companion because the same canal had appeared before khudai khedmatgars after 1936 election.what they were in a position to make government,Bacha Khan said to them to refrain from ministership as this was a "chaal" from british to defame them.But unfortunately no one gave attention to his advice and they became ministers.they took bath in that canal from which Bacha khan had forbidden them even not to touch it.At the result of that although they became ministers but the keys of control were with british and these people were not succeded in thier mission and were deeply criticized by opponents.Mavlana tarkhavi was of the opinion that pashtun nation is very talented but they have lost thier glory by jealousy and enemity between them.He discribes in his own words that In dera Ismail Khan jail i was very totured and my health was very much detriorted.At that time i got letter from Bacha Khan and he asked me to take care of my health.He said "Mavlana ! Nation needs people like you.If you don't take pity on you,please take pity on pashtun nation."pashtun Nation need you"Mavlana says that i wrote a letter to Bacha Khan."Muhtaram Bacha Khan!thankyo very much for instructions and let me clear this to you the weakness of this pashtun nation.But if i knew it before that you will take service of this nation from me then I would have not taken even a step with you, but now I have promised to Allah talah and thats why I am with you otherwise this nation is like that if they got to know that Mavlana tarkhavi house is on auction,then this nation will be 1st to make me houseless.By saying this,Mavlana laughed and there was a severe pain in his laughing.When he went to dewband for Islami education,He was khudai khedmatgaar at that time.When he came back after learning Quran and hadess then he became a strong supporter of Bacha khan.He would tell the truth what ever the result would have been.He spent most of the time in jail before partition and even after the partition when was prisoned by establishement even then he would teach and expain qauraan to prisoners in jail.He was suffering from the pain of his feet.Gradually other problems about his health developed and finally Mavlana died in Dec 1987.May his soul rest in peace.... (From Faheem Sarhadi Book " Khudai Khidmatgar Tehreek kay Gumnam Hero."Published in Urdu. ) Zareen Zadah Esapzy

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