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Monday, July 23, 2007

Da Pukhtunkhwa Tasweer

Da Pukhtunkhwa Tasweer
Poet:Mehboob Ali Sha Mehboob
Dr. R S Mohmand USA
Pukhtoonkhwa Tasweer is one of my favourite Pushto poems. I translated this into English. Dr. M K Khan read this poem in the poetry week of our local radio and television in America. He received many accolades. It was liked by many and was termed as the best versed poetry by Pashtoon and non Pashtoon audiences.

Here is the poetry with my English translation:

Pukhtana Peighla .....(Daughter of Pukhtoonkhwa)

Za Ba Da Qalam Pa Jaba Daa Jusa Rokhana Kram

Ta Pa Dey Tasweer Ke Bia Lug Rung Da Wafa Wachawa

(I will highlight the beauty of her figure with my pen .....I wish you would reciprocate by filling this picture with the colours of love and devotion)

Makh Ba Warla Za Da Abaseen Pa Chapo Wo Wenzam

Ta Pa Key Mowjoona Da Amu Da Drazah Wa Chawa

(I will see her beautiful face washed by the waves of the Abaseen River....I wish you would add the power of the rise and fall of the waves of the Amu River)

Khaal Laka Chatral Ba Warla Za Pa Tandi Keigdama

Ta Pre Da Bolan Da Palwasho Na Rana Wachawa

I will paint a beauty dot on her forehead, just like the beautiful Chatral....I wish you would enlighten her face with the bright light of Bolan)

Haar Da Zamarudo Da De Ghar Ba Warpa ghara Kam

Sourey Da Zangalo Warla Zulfey Pa Sha Wachawa

(I will put a necklace around her neck, made of the precious Emerald stones of the mountains of my land....I wish you would decorate the shadows of her long hair with the shadows of the tall trees of the woodlands of my country)

Stargo La Bai Za Da Watan Tola Bijlee Rawalam

Ta Pa Ke Da Masto Thunderuno Adaa Wachawa

(I will bring the light to her eyes from the powerhouses of my entire country....I wish you would add sound of thunder to her scenery)

Shundey Ba Ye Za Da Pekhawar Pa Surkhay Sre Krama

Ta Pre Da Khyber Au Taa-tarey Na Khkula Wachawa

(I will colour her lips with the bright red colours of my city Peshawar....I wish you would make her beautiful just like the beautiful Khyber and high Tatara mountains)

Wrok De Shi Pezwan Da Mughulwal Da Ghulamay Nakha

Ta Warta Chargul Da Pukhtano Da Anna Wachawa

(I will remove Pezwan from her nose (the jewellery for the nose) as this is a symbol of Moghul slavery....I wish you would decorate her nose with the Chargul instead (The customary Pashtoon jewellery in the shape of four Petal flower)

Noom Ba Warla Za Da Pukhtunkhwa Pa Seena Woleekam

Ta Pa Ke Da Wago Tago Barkha Bala Wachawa

(I will print the name of PUKHTOONKHWA over her chest .... I pray to God for his blessing over the poor and needy of this land)

Poet: Mahboob Ali Mahboob.............Translation: by Dr. R S Mohmand

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