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Monday, July 30, 2007

Ajmal Khatak Baba

Ajmal Khattak Baba
Retrieved from malgaree Dawezay Blog:

Ajmal Khattak Baba is one of those rare Pukhtun leaders who has been struggling for the Pukhtun cause all his life. Ajmal Baba started his political life by joining the Khudai Khitmatgar movement and spent most of his life in jails for his people. We wish Ajmal Baba good health and long life. Here is a short biography of Ajmal Baba compiled by M Nauman Khan for

Being a Pakhtoon nationalist leader, Ajmal Khattak is a towering progressive poet, writer, critic, playwright, intellectual and researcher.

To revive the spirit of the Pakhtoonkhwa with his poetry, ‘Da ghairat chegha’ (The cry of honour) Ajmal created fear in the minds of the ruling juntas in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1958. Such poem and verses were banned in both Pakistan and Afghanistan and became the cause of his imprisonment.

Ajmal’s struggle for provincial autonomy led to his being put under house arrest. After the Liaquat Bagh (Rawalpindi) firing on 23 March 1973, he left for Afghanistan and stayed there in exile for over 16 years. He returned to Pakistan in 1989.

Ajmal Khattak was a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly (1990-93) and a senator representing the Awami National Party (1996-99). In 2006, when government of Pakistan informed him that he was in line for the lucrative award of Sitara-I-Imtiaz, he refused it with a polite note.

He served as editor of, or worked for, various newspapers and periodicals including Anjam, Shahbaz, Bang-I-Haram, Adal and Rahber. He also worked as a scriptwriter for Radio Pakistan, Peshawar, for five years.

He has authored several popular books mostly in Pushto and in Urdu.Born in Akora Khattak, Ajmal was politically active from his early days and was a member of the Quit India Movement of 1942.
Here is a poem "Jannat" (paradise) by Ajmal Khattak Baba comparing his own idea of paradise with those of others.
Jannat/Paradise (click to listen please)

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