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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

UK Must Extradite the terrorist Altaf Hussain

Zar Ali condemns Karachi massacre F.P. Report
PESHAWAR: Chairman of Pakhtuns Democratic Council Zar Ali Khan Musazai has strongly condemned the killing of the unarmed Pakhtuns in Karachi who were staging a peaceful protest demonstration to welcome the dysfunctional Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry who was supposed to address to the Karachi Bar council on saturday last. He blamed the MQM exiled leader Altaf Hussain and General Musharraf are the real and actual assassins of the democratic minded political workers belonging to different political parties and groups in karachi. He said that MQM is not a political entity,it is a terrorist organisation which is engaged to shed the blood of political workers on behest of Army Generals, Pakistani fake and fraudulant establishment and is playing a role of the mercenaries for the secret agencies of pakistan. He asked Britian to extradite the terrorist leader Altaf from the secret land of all democracies as he is busy making sinister plans to eliminate Pakhtuns and other people from Karachi and occupy it themselves which will not be more than a mirage. He said that the entire world noticed that Pashtoons are democratic loving people while musharraf and his junta including the so-called political parties favouring him in his terrorist activities. All the political organisations,civil society groups, Human and civil rights activists and organisations espacially Amnesty international and Human Rights Watch , Europeon Union, America, Germany, Belgium, Canada and Britian should come forword, pressurise Pakistani General and so-called martial government to let Pakhtuns to earn livelyhood in Karachi and elsewhere, stop the decredation and killing of Pakhtuns as we Pakhtuns are tired of the fighting. He said, MQM and Pakistani establishment should leave us in peace to work for education, democracy, human rights and to be able to compete world in the field of science and technology if not then terrorists should read our history that we are the people who could retaliate and know how to fight and gain pashtoon national dignity and pride.

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