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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MQM - The chronic killers of Pakhtun

MQM - The chronic killers of Pakhtun
Mohammad Ayub Khan
How long we would cry over the dead bodies of our brothers, sisters, sons and the aged old elders? How many more Pakhtun would fall prey and how many more would loss their rickshaw and taxi, which earn them their daily bread and butter? When the urban terrorists ring leader, a worst black mailer and proven criminal, fascist Altaf Hussain, the fugitive would need more Pakhtun blood to quench his thrust? MQM never missed any government provided and establishment facilitated opportunity to kill or maim these poor Pakhtun laborers, who have left their home and hearth in search of a better life, but today waiting on the pavements of main highway for daily wage employer, or burn down their, mini bus, taxi to deprive them of their property. The Urdu speaking chauvinists led by the brain child of General Zia in Karachi and Hyderabad did this massacre of Pakhtun more than once and every time escaped the wrath of the Pakhtun nation just because we are the followers of Bacha Khan. I think, it is the impeccable moment of our history to say good buy to the Indian version of Pakhtun national movement. Bacha Khan, if he had pleaded non violence, then I am sorry he was proven 100% wrong and today Pakhtun are partly suffering and had no national identity etc because of this Gandhi philosophy. On February 10th, 2007, I wrote on these pages of the Frontier Post that MQM has changed the colours; by replacing Muhajir with Mutahida in the organizational identify merely to camouflage their evil intentions, though their very fascist and criminal political agenda remained intact. It is not possible for these terrorists to live in peace and work as peaceful Democratic Party. Their every bit of political agenda is based on anti logic and lack any rational to justify their existence. For instance how could be possible to start as a Muhajir (immigrant) based entity, where their definition of Muhajir is dubious, as they don’t consider Bengali immigrants or any other community from other countries as their natural allies. They only speak for those who came from UP or Bihar and who can speak Urdu. To completely understand their psyche, and mind set and analysis their strategy to blackmail the political parties and extract as much as possible privileges for themselves, let us go through the their short political history. Let’s refresh our memories with a brief chronology of MQM, wherein they excelled all types of political murders, kidnapping of opponents, coercions, bribery, black mailing, political summersaults, terrorism, street fighting and gang collections. They started their political life with the blessing from the then dictator General Ghazi Zia ul Haq, who encouraged, supported and propped thee fanatics to sustain his control against the overthrown PPP in Sindh. Consequently the later days show that these mercenaries under the leadership of Altaf Hussain did every thing to payback their mentors as well as helped the incompetent industrialists of Karachi and Hyderabad. On 8th August 1986, Altaf Hussain announced that Karachi is no more a mini Pakistan and we will accept help from any quarter to achieve our political objectives. Speaking to the Hyderabad press club later than year on 25th October, the great leader asked the Muhajir youth never hesitant to use any kind of force, if our rights are not given to us. The following year on February 1st 1987, he asked his Urdu speaking community to sell their luxury house holds stuff and purchase weapons which can defend them. On February 19th the same year he advised his followers, when they fired in air during his meeting, to keep the ammunition safe for future use. Altaf Hussain never remained a loyal friend to any one and always changed the partners like a prostitute. First he directed his armed thugs to expel Pakhtun from Karachi and kill them and destroy their properties if they resist. Soon he changed his mind and declared on September 29th 1987 that they respect Bacha Khan and Khan Abdul Wali Khan and consider them the true representative of Pakhtun. This time they turned towards Punjab and on April 5th 1987, made a hard hitting speech against Punjab and Pakistan Army. Reminding them the previous their failed suppressive policy against Bengalis in East Pakistan and the rumors to send back these Muhajir back to Indian. He said that this time they will not go alone back to Indian but the whole Pakistan will also go along with them. Hardly two months later on 8th October 1987 a message came from G. M. Syed, the veteran Sindhi Nationalist leader, that the time has come for a union amongst the Sindhis and Muhajir to recognize their common enemy. Ironically soon (March 13, 1988) the direction changed and Altaf Hussain demanded of the Punjabis and Pakhtun, to go back to their home provinces and demand jobs for them from their provincial government. During all this period, though, their terrorist activities remained on the peak and killed any one standing in their way. True to their claim they spent million of rupees over purchasing lethal weapons and for this our tribal Pakhtun remained a constant source of supplies. Raw on the other hand provided all sort of logistic and training support and most of the MQM cadres received training in India during their family visits to various parts of the Indian cities. On July 17th, 1988, the attack on MQM supported city Mayor of Hyderabad Mr. Aftab Sheikh resulted in the widespread killing by the MQM hooligans. Even women activists on July 21st stormed the Latifabad police station and freed those who carried out those killings. G. M. Syed claimed on the following day 22nd July that MQM and the provincial government are responsible for these killings. Unfortunately the same G.M. Syed changed his mind when Altaf Hussain visited his house - the Hyder Manzil and called the previous incidents misunderstanding. On September 30th, 1988, however, this so called new understanding resulted in the worst level of carnage of 150 people in Hyderabad. Soon in various parts of Karachi around 90 Sindhis were killed the next day i.e. 1st October 1988, MQM slowly but gradually spread its tentacles outside of Hyderabad and Karachi. From 24th to 26 January 1989, they forced close markets and other businesses in Sukkar. Ignoring the killings of innocent Sindhis and other on 22nd march 1989, MQM members from provincial assembly along with the son of G. M. Syed Imdad Mohammad Shah staged walked out. But hardly four days later on 26th March MQM extended all out support to the IJI government for the bringing back the stranded Biharies from Bangladesh, which Sindhi consider converting them into minority on their own land. MQM played a horrible role during the year 1990, by unleashing all sort of terror and blood letting in Karachi, Hyderabad and other Muhajir dominated areas. During the first half of this year more than four hundred people killed by the thugs and murderers, supported and financed by the MQM.. Huge gates were erected in some areas which resulted in the creation of no go zones for security forces and other law enforcing agencies. Pakistan Steel Mills helped these thugs, who took control of this public sector industry to build huge gates and other barricades for MQM pockets in the city. A new understanding between Awami national party (ANP) and MQM was reached this year on January 3rd, throwing all the principals, ethics and sense of Pashtoonwali to the air. The establishment perhaps in 1991, was no more in the mood to be blackmailed further and to weaken this terrorist apparatus, created a small dissenting group led by Afaq Ahmad and Badar Iqbal. This was not possible for the MQM and their leaders to see that their own workers are creating troubles for them and coined an oath of allegiance which contradicts the established norms of ethics, morality, and even civilized form of democracy. The slogan “Quid traitors deserve Death” was coined and MQM legislators have to show their political allegiance to the Quid and organization in a very insulting way. On 26th July 1991, around 37 MQM legislators from national and provincial assembly (Sindh) visited Lahore and an oral blind faith was reposed in the Pir from Karachi. Dr. Farooq Sattar said “ If I commit treachery against the Quid, I will have denied my paternity”. Mr. Wasim Ahmad said “If I go against the quid I may not be of my mother” (daily Jang, Nawa-e-Waqat Lahore July 26th 1991). Afaq Ahmad and his colleagues did not go down to that dirt and because of their release by the Lahore High Court, the Pir, whose sacred face with bushy mustache started appearing on every leave and fruit, left Nine Zero, and made Abbassi Hospital as his new abode. Once his mentor and senior colleague Jam Sadiq left for treatment in London, his disciple could not bear the separation and joined him on January 1st 1992 in London. For detail please see and Their dark history does not end here and the last 15 or so years are filled with other gloomy incidents to narrate. For the sake of understanding their past, this brief chronology should also include some prominent killings by the mercenaries of fascist MQM. Former Governor Hakim Mohammad Saeed, the CEO of PSO, and few other big industrialists and the attack on the press and journalists are the hallmarks of this terrorist organization. They used every trick, including threat and intimidation to compel the press and pushed them to toe their line. The daily Dawn, Jang, etc faced the wrath when they published the inside stories of extortion, killing, kidnapping for money. Their vans were stopped; papers were burnt to aches, and the working journalists such Salhuddin (Takbeer) were killed in broad day light. Recently TV (AAJ ECO - Mr. Arshad Zubairi) channels were made to keep their more than three hours press conference on live and those who declined found their offices under bullets from unknown assistants. To take on this overgrown fascist organization there are more than one ways to deal with. First and foremost is the political mean, which stand for condemning their illogical standing through propagation. We can also approach the higher courts to seek their advice about the participation of an organization in election etc, whose leaders are fugitive of the court and with whom government functionaries’ constancy remained in touch. The court should clarify the legal standing of such contacts and meetings of the highest government functionaries with those who are declared killers and criminals. Is it possible for some legal authority to meet a person who is wanted by the court, if so then why not this facility is extended to other deserters of the Law? MQM can also be declared as a terrorists outfit because of their involvement in all sort of terrorists activities. As far as Pakhtun are concern, this is high time for them to take into account these killings. They have to talk to these Urdu speaking fascist to reconsider their treatment and they should mend their ways. Karachi and Hyderabad is not only home to Urdu speaking terrorists but more than three million Pakhtun, 4 million Punjabis and around 2 million Sindhis and Baloch are also living side by side. If the total population of these two cities constitute somewhere 15 million then more than a half (nine million) are not Muhajir and the government should look into the wide discrepancy of national and provincial assembly representation. To have proper representation, Pakhtun, Punjabi, Sindhi and Baloch should demand proportional representation based on their respective population and discard the present constituency base election which is a big harm for their national interest. Pakhtun Action Committee is the right form for us to unite all the Pakhtun belong to any party. They have demonstrated their unity through a one day complete strike last year in November and if they kept the same level of spirit and coordination, there is no question if they would not be able to achieve a respectable position soon in these two cities. Pakhtun also need to remind these immigrants from India that the whole country in general and Karachi Hyderabad in particular must be obliged for the free use of our water flowing from our land. If there is no water, there is no life and then there is no city. Lets these immigrants understand that they eat the wheat produced in Punjab and they must be reflective of such ground realities. If they want to keep this country intact where they enjoy the status of more equal amongst the equals, then they must respect our legal and constitutional rights. Killing of Pakhtun by the MQM but sending the sympathy messages by the Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz to Altaf Hussain is a clear message to us that we have to closer further our ranks and fight for our national rights, which would enable more than 4 million Pakhtun to live on their land Pakhtunkhwa with their families and earn their livelihood with honour, dignity and human respect.

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