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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bad day for Zahid Hamid in Islamia College Peshawar

Zaid Hamid faces tough resistance in Peshawar
Zahid Buneri KWN
This was really a bad day for Zahid Hamid in Islamia College Peshawar when he was fully resisted by workers of Amn Tehrik and both fictions of Pakhtun Students Federation.Zaid Hamid arrived today will full VIP protocol to address youth at "Takbeer Hall" of Islamia Colege Peshawar. Young children from Islamia Collegate school and some handicaped girls students were also present on the occasion.He started the show with a video show of Hamid Gul and some Jihadi stuff but soon the program was suspended as Pakhtun studen'ts leaders start asking the questions of the purpose of his visit but these boys were arrested on the spot.Later some young emotional boys opened fire on the spot.The news arrived at the a local hotel whee senior members of Amn Tehrik were planning peace program. They kept the program a side and rushed towards Islamia College where they chaunt slogans against those who are disturbing peace process at Pakhtunland. This group was led by Dr. Syed Alam Mehsud, Idrees Kamal and Qaisar Khan.The said Hall of Islamia College was fully covered by security men and zaid was setting inside the hall and Pakhtun students were rising slogans like;Monga Nor Maree Na ghwarooZaid Hamid was sent back with full protocol to the Governor House.It is learnt that the permission was given to zaid Hamid by Governor of the province and he was accompanied by annonymous and strange people who were observed as highly trained people.Later, Qaisar Khan, Said Alam Mehsud, Idrees Kamal, Zahid Buneray, Aziz Khan, Gulzar Khan went to police station and they hold dialogue with SSP UoP and they refused to go back without those who were arrested. Late at the evening, all the arrested boys alongwith those of People's SF were released.

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