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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Renowned journalist Sohail Qalandar passes away

Sohail Qalandar, one of the very few courageous, anti-Taliban and anti-terrorism voices in Pakistani journalism, is no longer with us.

By: sudhir

Peshawar: Renowned journalist passed away here on Saturday. Sohail Qalanadar, resident editor of Daily Express Peshawar all of a sudden felt serious pain his chest and was hurriedly shifted to Lady Reading hospital Peshawar where he breathed his last. Journalists thronged to the hospital to see his corpse as it will be the last time they would have a glance at him. Journalist community has felt shock over his tragic demise. They have mourned over his death and remembered his services as a journalist for this whole region.

Sohail Qalandar had been kidnapped and kept in custody in Bara area for a long time, but was released on the pressure from journalists’ community.

Sohail Qalandar was a bold and courageous journalist and columnist. He always wrote for peace and development of this Pushtoon belt. His services as a journalist would be remembered for long time. In his student life he also played a very active role on the platform of Islami Jamiat Talaba, a student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan. But later on when he joined journalism as a profession, he forgot about practical politics and worked as a neutral journalist.

He was equally popular among the political groups as he proved his neutrality while reporting or writing on political and social issues. The tribal journalists have also mourned over his demise saying his great services in the field of journalism would always be remembered. They prayed to Allah Almighty to grant his soul eternal peace and happiness in paradise.

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