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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mian Nawaz Rhetoric: Politics or Personal Vendetta.

If there has to be referendum; then it should not be on the name this time; but we have to choose to be or not to be a part of Pakistan. It is not 47 nor PML(N) is an imperial power. Let us sort out once for all. We have opted to be in Pakistan with our identity but if there are “forces” who are forcing us to call our mother by the name selected by them; then we have the right to decide our future ourselves. We accept it.

By Dr. Khurshed Alam
Let me clarify my position before commenting on Mr. Nawaz that I am not supporting the conduct of the present government lead by Asif Zardari. The way they are carrying on forward the democratization of the institutions may take them decades if at all they decide to do it. It is all almost one and a half year gone; by now they should have done a lot; if they wanted to do!! At the same time I do realise that whether it is external or internal pacts or dictation but it is always a part of our history of 62 years. If it was the decision of Nawaz Sharif to replace Musharaf by an Engineer General; he had to take him all the way long to Washington to get his approval in person.

I still stick to my words that all our politicians are children of historical blunders. With few exceptions; most of them are either off shoots of Muslim League or Military dictatorship. Since the inception of the country, Muslim league did not allow the institutions to establish as the most of immigrated leaders had no constituencies. It was but natural that the vacuum created was to be filled, the influential persons or families were ready to hijack the state authority. On the other hand Indian Leadership established the institutions. When the system is properly put on the track the personalities or influential families loose their relevance or the relevance become of less significance. Sine the process of politics was never allowed so the children of historical blunders were provided a ready made ground. The civil and military bureaucracy used them, the way they wanted on the chess board. Most of the time the military played the game themselves but on occasions they asked the civilians to play on their behalf. But to call them civilian government will be too much, as their mentors hands were quite palpable if not visible.
Our intellectuals, analysts and journalists also unintentionally starting the terminologies like triangle of power or civilian governments. The power has always been in one place that was GHQ. The system of ruling the country has never been federal and democratic whether it was a khaki or Jinnah cap.
If we take PPP; though it was an offshoot of convention Muslim league established by the first military dictator and then the party was run on the cult of Late Mr.Bhutto. They had nothing of their own to offer. But with passage of time when Late Benazir became a mature politician and created a place for herself nationally and internationally and earned international credibility; she was removed from the scene, proving Mr. Aftab Sherpao right once in his life that Punjab and its army cannot tolerate a visionary politician hailing from smaller provinces; in an interview with the “Scream” in London.
Pakistan has been depoliticised by successive rulers so much, that even the great analysts and senior political figures started calling Mr. Bhutto the first elected Prime Minister. It is an open distortion of history and morally not acceptable to deprive some one of her/his historical status or position. It was no one else but Shaheed Benazir who was the first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and Mian Nawaz was the first CM of the Punjab to refuse to provide her the official protocol to the first elected Prime Minister.
Since the introduction of The Mians family in politics by Gen; Zia; another phenomenon of personal vendetta has been introduced in the so called political scenario of Pakistan. Apart from his mentor; he owes his political survival to his brother and the Late senior Mian Sahib. Late Mian sahib was not only a good advisor but defacto P.M. and President. Internal sources have revealed that if he(Nawaz) would have listen to his father, younger brother and Late Wali khan ,he would have not seen the days of his exile in royal palace of Saudi Arabia. It looks a bit odd for Nawaz sahib to blame Zardari not to keep his promises. He himself did not abide by the pact which was signed with Musharaf and prior to that, in spite of having two third majority in the house, he always relied on double game and tricks. By no mean I intend to defend the criminality of Musharaf but the way P.M. dismissed him was exactly like Zia did to Late Junejo. Mian sahib didn’t even try to promulgate 73 constitution. Another double game he played was the famous appointment of president Tharar. He kept mum about naming N.W.F.P. till he got the votes for his presidential candidate; once he achieved his aim he refused to abide by the unanimous resolution of the same house which voted for his nominated president. In other words when the elected members voted for his president was acceptable but were de franchised them to name their own mother land. I wonder how morally , Mian Sb; justified himself to insult the idea of federation and quantum of provincial autonomy. When he was on receiving end this time, he gave a call of civil disobedience.
May I request Mian sahib that in case of his refusal he will pave the way to force us to demand the change the name of Pakistan. In that case he it will Pkistan. Will they have the strength character to stand by it.
In all civilized countries with deep rooted democratic set up, there is a ban on P.M and presidents, to stand more than three or two times as in Britain and U.S.A. respectively. Wherever this system does not exist; the dynasty factor has taken the roots like Syria and Egypt. Then there should be referendum on that issue too.
How on earth this champion of democracy want to impose the charter of democracy on the whole nation when it was a pact between two parties. If he thinks that PPP has broken their promise then what is the guarantee that PML(N) will not break . By demanding referendum on naming of our province; how can we trust a person that he will be fair in future while his track record is abysmally bad.
It is on record that only two politicians have asked from clemency from a military dictators, Late Qayum khan PML(Q) and Mian Sahib PML(N) were both leaguers. His demand for referendum on naming our province is naked and immoral interference in the concept of federal democracy and provincial autonomy. He has proved our doubts beyond any shadow of doubt that his jaundiced vision of chauvinism is still in his black waste coat. If there has to be referendum; then it should not be on the name this time; but we have to choose to be or not to be a part of Pakistan. It is not 47 nor PML(N) is an imperial power. Let us sort out once for all. We have opted to be in Pakistan with our identity but if there are “forces” who are forcing us to call our mother by the name selected by them; then we have the right to decide our future ourselves. We accept it.
In our political circles it is discussed every now and then, that the boycott of the referendum of 1947 was a mistake ;in fact we have accepted by default the future of our land to be decided by others. We Pukhtoons assure Mr. Nawaz Sharif we will not budge this time. At the same the government must hold referendum first on the eligibility of PML(N) to take part in the politics for raising the slogan of disobedience. When it comes to them they don’t hesitate to put the country integrity. They believe in a Pakistan where they have unchallengeable power. It was not a small thing to be ignored. Otherwise we will be justified to say that the citizen of Punjab are treated differently than other provinces.
It shocks me when I listen to the statements of PML(N); to add the reinstatement of the judges of the higher courts in to their political kitty. It is an insult to the movement of black coat. To join the procession of a marriage cannot make you the bridegroom. If PML had the street power why it was not used when Musharaf stopped him on the air port. It strengthens the analysis of certain analysts that the respected Mian sahib is the representative of the Punjabi Ashrafia. He has no moral authority to claim to be the only spokesman of the Punjab. The street of the Punjab are still in the hands of PPP. Another anomaly of our politics is to tell lies so frequently that the poor masses starts believing that it is nothing but truth. To call PML(N) as a federal party is an absurd notion. It is representative of the Ashrafia “only” of the Punjab provinces.
May I point out their other double standard even it comes to morality. Mr. Nawaz consider the horse trading a sin but this sin looses its meaning if a horse from another camp is joining him.
There must be a set standard of some sort; to be a leader. He has yet to come out with clean sheet to satisfy Altaf Hussain claim. I am not a political opportunist to wash the face of Altaf ;but I believe that any innocent citizen; if victimized by a political mafia or government machinery it must be investigated. Where human blood drop is shed that should be the centre of the world. Our friends in MQM should also forsake the victimization of other racial groups in Karachi. Their hands are stained with the blood of innocent labourers Pukhtoons who built Karachi for them. And were there before Urdu speaker arrived on the scene but it just does not justify my political philosophy, given by Bacha khan or to justify the inhuman atrocity on my enemy. Or to follow the policy; that the enemy of my enemy is my friend; which is the basis of Pakistan’s politics.
The ball is in the court of the Punjab masses as we do not consider him as the sole spokesman of Punjab. Mr. Altaf has consented to send the neck size of his own and his party workers and has requested Mr. Nawaz sb. To do the same. Our neck size is already with them when Pakistan came in to being. Let there be a complete probe of all events starting from Musharaf retrospectively to the creation of Pakistan without giving a benefit of doubt to any one . unless the dirt of the past is cleaned; the dream of a clean future is insanity.

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