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Monday, August 03, 2009

In The Memory of Abbas Khan

In The Memory of Abbas Khan

"This website is dedicated to the memory of Abbas Ahmad Khan shaheed. The brutal murder of Abbas Khan, his father Iqbal Ahmad Khan and elder brother Jamil Ahmad Khan symbolizes the brutality, viciousness and cruelty with which Taliban have carried out their campaign of pushing Swat to the dark ages. Taliban have brutalized the whole Swat, have systematically destroyed signs of progress like schools , bridges and roads and killed any voice of reason or sign of hope and future for Swat. People's representatives have been their prime target.

Follow up:

Abbas Khan, nephew of MPA Waqar Khan, was one such hope of Swat and an icon of the bright future of Swati youth . He was a final year Engineering student at University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. He was an intelligent student, loving son and devoted muslim. At the tender age of 22, he had already grown beard following the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) and would call Azan whenever he was in his village Shahderai.

Early in the morning on 26th of August, just after midnight, a large group of Taliban, numbering 200-250 attacked the house of Iqbal Khan, killed him, his two sons and 5 servants, and then set his house on fire. After that they destroyed their hujra. While the Taliban were attacking their house, the Khans contacted security forces , based within 200 meters of their house and hujra , to no avail. This saga of murder and destruction continued for more than 2 hours but the hundreds of security personnel did not do anything to save those innocent lives.

Was it a slip of tongue or deliberate that a few days after the brutal murder of Abbas Khan, a friend was sitting with an officer of the security forces in Shahderai and during regular chatter-chatt this topic came up. The officer told my friend that the security forces had warned Iqbal Khan and his family 3 days before this tragedy and advised them to leave Swat.

The question is, "was it connivance, collusion or collaboration between the security forces and taliban? " Otherwise how did the officer of the security forces knew that beforehand ?

Abbas Khan's soul is asking all the Swatians and friends of Swat to expose the nefarious designs of all enemies of Swat whether they are in the garb of religious extremists, foreign agents or instruments of the domestic agencies?..."


Tor_Khan said...

This is the insanity that Swatis are now faced with - trapped between the security forces and the Taliban. Neither are worthy of our trust, both are happy to colloborate with each other and turn exterminate regular civilians for their own gain.

We can only take consolation in the knowledge that Allah SWT is watching.

Anonymous said...

I inclination not agree on it. I regard as nice post. Specially the designation attracted me to be familiar with the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.