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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Valiant Afzal Khan accorded warm welcome in Peshawar

Valiant Afzal Khan accorded warm welcome in Peshawar
Saturday, 02 May 2009
Shamim Shahed

In the light of his unprecedented role during Taliban insurgency in his native Swat District, veteran nationalist politician Muhammad Afzal Khan was accorded warm welcome upon his arrival in Peshawar.
The family of Mohammad Afzal Khan, known as Khan Lala, was on the hit list of Taliban.
First the militants have made attempt on the life of Mohammad Afzal Khan but “the defender is more powerful than the killer.” He along with nephew Abdul Jabbar Khan sustained injuries and lost the loyalist family driver.

Later his other relatives including grandson Zakir Khan who was Naib Nazim of tehsil Matta were killed. Similarly, Taliban militants have made several attempts on the life of sitting NWFP Minister Mohammad Ayub Khan Ashari, nephew of Afzal Khan lala.
Now it is crystal clear that insurgency on the part of Taliban is neither Jihad against United States nor aimed at establishment of an Islamic state. But it could be considered continuity of the great game aimed at getting occupation of resources in region.
The number of stakeholders in the great game is on the rise and apart from Pakistan and United States, countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Afghanistan, China and several others along with countless secret agencies multi-national companies and well influential drug mafia are fuelling the war flames on this soil.
Now most of the people from this region are well aware about designs behind the insurgency on the name of Islam, Jihad and Taliban. The militants now loosing support of common people not only in the rest of the country but in its self-claimed strong holds of Swat and Waziristan regions.
Contrary to Waziristan, motives of Taliban in Swat, Hangu and Bajaur seems different as their acts caused wide range displacement from the region. Right from a general councilor of Union Council till Member of the National Assembly, most of social and political activists have abandoned their houses in parts and parcels of Swat.
Around 1,200 people mostly civilians were killed and around 2,000 were injured. Taliban have blown up around 190 schools, several police stations, basic health units, bridges and other government installations on the name of “Jihad against America” all over Swat.
As result in insurgency in swat, around 350.000 people from across Swat forced to leave the area and settled all over the world. Amonst them influential like Mian Gul from Saidu Sharif, Khan of Mingora, Lala of Qambar and Rahimabad, the Khan of Joora, sher Palam and other have also left their homes. Even almost activists and stalwarts form all political forces have abandoned their homes. Apart from plundering and looting all belongings and valuables form these abandoned houses, now Taliban militants are selling the material of these houses in the area. Even certain self-styled Taliban have also destroyed orchards and farms of the people.
But Mohammad Afzal Khan remained in his house, who himself led the loyal in foiling of Taliban attempts against him and his other close relatives.
The insurgency in swat, the legacy of president Musharraf led allies, has become a serious challenge to the government.
First, the NWFP government into trustworthy relations with Maulana Sufi Muhammad, the chief of banned Tehrik-e-Nifaz Shariat Muhammadi (TNSM) and with his involvement they signed agreement with Taliban headed by Fazlullah on May 21, 2008 last.
However, before expiry of the agreement on August 21, 2008 it were no other but Taliban who resumed massacre, blowing up schools and other government installations. At last, the government had to opt for military action against militants in end of July 2008. The blood shed continued till mid of February 2009 but during this period, the NWFP government continued its efforts for finding out a peace and political solution to the issue. And the friendship developed with Sufi Mohammad proved fruitful in this respect, when Taliban militants have endorsed the February 16, 2009 agreement.
However, signing of the agreement between NWFP Government and Maulana Sufi Mohammad led to emergence of visible groups amongst Taliban ranks.
Besides going for abducting high-ranking officials, personnel of the secret agencies, Taliban militants slipped into Buner and Dir. For crushing away such expansion of the insurgency to adjacent Dir and Buner areas, the authorities concerned have launched a military action against militants, which seems satisfactory for people from the affected areas.
Now when the government on one hand succeeded in convincing high ups of law enforcing agencies for ensuring action as targeted and limited along with exposing real agenda of Taliban militants, politicians forma all over the government are supporting enforcement of Nizam-e-Adl Regulations.
Mohammad Afzal Khan has also attached great hopes and he is sure about return of peace and tranquility in his motherland. Now it is the high time for people from all over the country in particular and rest of the world in general to realize their responsibilities at this crucial stage otherwise “Talibanisation” could harm the global peace within months.

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