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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

There is no difference between MQM and Taliban

Senator Haji Adeel of Awami National Party (ANP) has alleged MQM and Taliban are prototypes of each other and both of them are out to impose their decisions at gun point. “There is no difference between MQM and Taliban, Both are reflection of each other and both want to impose their decisions by dint of force”, he said this while talking to Online here Tuesday.
General Zia ul Haq bought up both of these outfits while general Pervez Musharraf gave a free hand to MQM during his stint in power, he charged. Senator Haji Adeel told his party gave strike call in memory of those who were killed on May, 12 and later MQM also gave a similar call, he underlined. This is tantamount to killing some one overnight and later attending his funeral procession in day time”, he added.
Altaf Hussain was sitting out of the country and was holding Karachi city hostage at gun point, he alleged. MQM had won every election by dint of force and it also got relief from courts in thousands of cases under NRO, he added. If Altaf Hussain had any genuine sympathy with the martyrs of May, 12 then he should come to Karachi and apologize to the family members of victims, he demanded.
Poor rickshaw drivers and laborers were killed in the recent riots in Karachi, he said adding elements behind this bloody violence be brought to justice.
Karachi was not city of only one party but it was city of all those living in Pakistan, he underlined. MQM should accept this reality, he stressed.

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