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Saturday, March 07, 2009

FATA is beyond my domain. CM Pakhtunkhwa

KhyberWatch News

Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that his government will spare no efforts for the enforcement of Nizam-e Adl Regulation, establishment of government’s writ, rehabilitation of the affectees and distribution of payments and reconstruction in Swat. "Swat, Hangu and Dera Ismael Khan are injured parts of my body and to take care of it is my top most responsibility".

Nations are tested and face challenges but alive nations face these challenges generously and appear triumphant. Nizam-e-Adl is the just demand and right of the people of Malakand and for its fulfillment government has taken practical and sincere steps. All the political forces, Ulemas and civil society must assist the government in making these efforts successful. He expressed these views during a forum with BBC Urdu service. On the occasion representatives of people from all section of district Swat, students and senior journalists were also present.
The chief minister reject the perception that the peace accord took place of someone pressure and clarified that Nizam-e Adl Regulation 2009 will be enforced in Malakand Division and peaceful districts of Chitral and Kohistan. Purpose of the accord is to provide system of speedy justice to the people available to them during the reign of Walai Swat. After the affiliation of the state with Pakistan, space occurred people were not able to comply with the slow system for providing of justice to them. Later twice efforts were taken for the enforcement of Adl Regulation but due to no practical steps dismay and consternation produced among the people. He said that some people raise arms for this purpose.
The chief minister said that after the enforcement of Nizam-e Adl Regulation they have left with no justification of raising arms. After this those people who have raised arms, will left that are stick to an agenda for destabilization of the region.
“Their agenda is consternation and lawlessness and not peace. The government and the society must collectively fight such handful elements. Every one has the right of criticism for the sake of betterment but there is no justification for criticism for the sake of criticism. Successful implementation of Nizam-e Adl Regulation is the government and civil society’s responsibility.” he asserted.
He said that the President of Pakistan will sign the Adl Regulation by the grace of God in a few days and will be implemented soon.
The chief minister said: “Judicial officers will be appointed by the provincial government and will be provided training for this purpose. Soon a workshop of judicial officers will be conducted in Swat in which prominent religious scholars will be invited.”
The chief minister on a question of practical implementation of the accord said that the provincial government is sincere and committed for the restoration of peace, establishment of government’s writ and practical implementation of Nizam-e Adl Regulation.
He lauded the bravery and courage of the people of Swat who haven’t left patience in such long challenging circumstances.
He clarified that the government has made resolution with peace loving religious scholar Maulana Sufi Muhammad and the people of Swat and will follow it.
To a question on situations in Bajaur and FATA Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti said that FATA is beyond his domain however being a Pakhtoon he will play his role positively in these regions as well. He said that peace and stability in Afghanistan, FATA and in the province are inter-linked.
“Peace is not a problem of a single part but is a collective problem of the whole region and every need to play its role positively for its solution.” he maintained.
On the attack on the shrine of great Pashto poet Rahman Baba the other day the chief minister said that attacking the shrine of rector of love, peace and brotherhood Sufi poet is a highly condemnable act.
The chief minister on the occasion also answered queries of the attendees.
The chief minister expressed the hope that journey of the people of Malakand Division particularly of Swat has started from darkness towards brightness and Inshallah every passing day will be more lighted and bright.

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