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Friday, March 06, 2009

Picture:Bacha Khan Media cell


Chairman Pakhtun Democratic Council zar ali khan musazai has strongly condemned the
explosion at the Tomb of Rehman Baba by the hands of terrorists.
He said terrorists and miscreants committed a crime which is unforgivable and this
is a clear declaration of the WAR against Pashtun Nation. Rehman Baba masoleum is as
sacred for us as Makka and Madina for Muslims because he followed the true teachings
of Islam and he was the real lover of the prophet of Islam. Those who bombed the
tomb are the real enemies of the Pashtun or they are doing such heinous crimes on
the directives of their masters who have been opponents to Pashtun nation for long
time.He demanded of the government to arrest the criminals immediately otherwise the
rage of Pashtun at this incident has reached to the point which is to be exploded.
Zar ali musazai called upon all Pashtun to rise against this barbarism of the
terrorists and their mentors who have no regard for the elders of Pashtun nation.
Shan said...
The destruction of the shrine of Rahman Baba, the Pashtun mystic and poet who is widely regarded, indeed revered, across NWFP is yet another indicator of the advancing wave of intolerance and extremism that now engulfs us. Reports say that the shrine was blown up by militants using up to 40kg of explosive because it was frequented by women. There are reports that militants had warned that they would not tolerate women attending the shrine, and that they suspected them of involvement in immorality or 'illegal acts'. It is difficult to imagine precisely what immoral or illegal acts might have been performed by pious women - but not difficult to imagine the misogynist mindset of those who would banish women forever to a darkened room where their sole function is to cook and produce male children. The deal done in Swat is a Pandora's Box of troubles that now pour out everywhere. The validation of one set of extremist demands now gives them the green light to make other demands wherever they choose in the entire country where they wish their vrit to run. Let us be under no illusion here – the militants now ruling in NWFP have their sights set on ruling Pakistan. All of Pakistan. They wish their interpretation of Islam to be the one followed by all of our people, no matter what their Muslim denomination or their faith – which is why our religious minorities fear for their safety and their future.

Are we to see the great shrines of Uch Sharif similarly attacked? Are we prepared to see our cultural heritage destroyed before our very eyes? Remember the Buddhas of Bamiyan, those ancient structures in Afghanistan that had stood for over a thousand years? Remember their destruction, just a few short years ago? Or the Buddhist statues in Swat? Or the agitation for the destruction of Buddhist and Hindu rock carvings of great antiquity at Chilas? Are we to see the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro pulverized because they are from a time before Islam or our museums razed to the ground in an iconoclastic frenzy that will leave us bereft of our cultural past? How long will it be before bookshops are burning, following hard on the heels of music and video shops? Ours is a land which was a part of the cradle of civilization. Within what are now our borders were sown the seeds of human greatness and invention. We are the custodians of that heritage. We have a duty to ourselves and the rest of the world to protect it. A duty which, as of recent times, we might be said to be failing in. Dark tides,
Friday, March 06, 2009, The News.

06 March 2009 07:27
Dirjae said:
This is a crime against the Pashtun Nation, specifically against our culture and heritage. Rehman Baba was a great Pashto poet and Sufi and a Wali. It is strange beacuse the mosques and seminaries, breeding grounds of terrorism, remain safe and actually are multiplying but symbols of Pashtun Heritage are under threat. I condemn this barbaric and savage act.
Khurshid Khan :
A great matter of concern for all of us as wel as a wake call for Pukhtunkwa Govt.
The bloody game is in progress. Today Rakhman Baba, tommorow the tomb of Khushal Khan Baba, Pir Baba and other saints and leaders.

پېښور : نن سحر په ساخت کښې د پښتنو د صوفي شاعر عبدالرحمان بابا په مزار يوه بمي چاؤدنه اوشوه ـ په مزار کښې پروت هر يو څيز ټوک ټوک اؤ ذرې ذرې شولو ـ

د خبر مطابق سحر وختي ځنې نامعلومه شرخوښو دلته يو پنځه کلو وزني بم اېښودے وۀ چې په يو غټ درز سره اوچاودو ـ

هر څو چې د آبادۍ بنياد سلامت پاتې شوے دے ، په دې کښې پراته هر څه تس نس شوي دي اؤ په ديوال کښې ئې يو غټ سورے هم جوړ کړے دے ـ

د رحمان بابا په مزار د پښتونخوا د پخواني وزير اعلے خدائې بخلي امير افضل خان په وخت کښې کار پئېل شوے وۀ اؤ ايله اوس اوس څو مياشتې وړاندې د افغانستان د حکومت په مرسته ددې سرسڼه سر ته رسيدلې وه ـ

په دې اړه نن سحر په باچاخان ريسرچ سنټر کښې يوه هنګامي غونډه هم اوشوه چې مشري ئې د باچاخان ريسرچ سنټر ډائريکټر ډاکټر فضل الرحيم مروت کوله ـ په دې غونډه کښې د نورو نه علاوۀ نوموړي شاعر اؤ د پښتون مجلي مشر ايډيټر ښاغلي رحمت شاه سائل ، ليکوال مشتاق مجروح يوسف زئې ، ځلان مومند ، فضل الرحمان زاهد ، امجد شهزاد اؤ عبدالله اؤ قاضي حضور الله هم شرکت درلود ـ

په غونډه کښې په دې واقعه د زړه د تلۀ افسوس اوشو دا ئې يو ډېر ناوړه کار اوبالۀ ـ

په اجلاس کښې رحمت شاه سائيل وئيل چې دا چاؤدنه يواځې د پښتون صوفي شاعر په مزار نه ده بلکه دې دا سوال پېدا کړے دے چې په سيمه کښې د پښتنو نور تاريخي اؤ مقدس مقامات په څه حال کښې دي ـ

دوۍ زياته کړه چې که ګډ وډۍ اؤ اړي ګړي دا کار داسې جاري اوساتل شي نو دا به يواځې په پښتنه سيمه خپل اغېز نه پرېباسي بلکه په منطقه کښې به هيڅ يو مقدس ، تاريخي ځائې هم په امن پاتې نه شي ـ

(( د رحمان بابا په مزار چاؤدنه به اخر ناخر د بللهے شاه ، داتا دربار ، بټهائي اؤ نور مقدس ځايونه هم په خطره کښې واچول ـ

فضل الرحمان زاهد

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