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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

PkMAP's Stance on FATA?

This interesting topic caught me in a forum (
"PMAP's Stance on F.A.T.A?
Most of the Forum members are Nationalist pukhtun...

Here are some of the views:


PkMAP's Stance on FATA?

Could someone enlighten us on the stance of PkMAP on the status of FATA, please?
I heard they call FATA as semi/partially-occupied territory of Pakhtunkhwa which is really rediculous. If anarchy, lack of education and other facilities, carrying guns and direct rule under Islamabad is partial independence then I feel pity for their stance on FATA. Our nationalist parties and leaders are very much occupied with the traditional style of leadership where they believe that their kamees parthog and tsaadar will attract people to them. They have failed to give the Pakhtuns the true essence of their identity.
it wants the status-quo ...
FATA people don't even have the most fundamental human right i.e. to participate in the political process...One cannot agree with PMAP stance in this regard...

Having watched the political system in Fata closely over the years,my time-tested conclusion has been that the elected public representatives remain dormant under the all powerful institution of political administration.I've seen tribal MNAs and senators humiliated by low staff of political administration. The MNAs and senators belonging to Fata have been cheap instrument in the hands of the establishment.They have never found the courage to oppose the sitting government, always enjoying the comforts of the treasury benches.Any body thinking Fata as semi_independent Pakhtunkhwa, is living in a fool's paradise. Fata is a two-pronged slave territory of the Pakhtuns, where British Black Laws and totalitarianism to paralize the bravest muscles of the Pakhtuns, still persist.They need to be emancipated from the system where " the Agent of the President" ( The Governor) and his stooges, the Political Agents, play a formidable role.The leash of the "Centre" needs to be broken which keeps tha Fata tied to Islamabad instead of Peshawar. And ---the first step to achieve this is to amalgamate it in Shomali Pakhtunkhwa ( NWFP) and to have its representatives in the provincial assembly.This will trigger poitical activism in this "No Go" area, which in turn will take it to the main Pakhtun political stream.


I thought we are facing Punjabi agents in taliban cloths in Middle Pushtoonkhwa who are working alongside punjabi army to snacth the limited but legal autonomy of our ppl,but here i can see another hidden group..nice to meet you guys..weldone!..Don't dare to write LAR AW BAR YAW AFGHAN as you guys are working against the liberty of poor ppl and you are openly recognising durand line...hey guy's what about South Pushtoonkhwa and Pushtoon living there?Leave them like that you don't need them coz they are speaking SHA instead of KHA, if they were speaking KHA then you would have considered them Pushtoon's and worth to talk about.

My calculation was 100% correct.ISI and Taliban are not that leathal if we compare it with fake nationalists.

Do what you can do and let us do what we are doing..People will decide who is right and who is wrong.

No more comments.Thank you.



Mandokhail saib, I must accept that you are not an easy person to talk to (sorry). You are really proving that you are a bad-mouthed bully who will swear at others if the latter don't agree to either yours or your MASHAR's stance.

You are calling it 'limited and legal autonomy'; in what context? Legal as per Paki Laws or the black British imperialist laws? If you believe that the so-called 'legal and limited autonomy' will bear any implications for the acceptance of the unholy Durand Line then Sakhi Arsala Khan saib has rightly remarked that you are living in a fool's paradise.

And this liberty of the poor people that you seem to be so proud of is not going to change the lot of the FATA people. They are in fact as much Pakis as are you. The worst they even don't understand your 'nationalist' politics. You want to make them scapegoats for your mashar's silly stance! I am myself from the FATA and I know what is it like living in FATA. The Pakhtuns of FATA are more connected with Punjab and Islamabad than they are with Peshawar and the rest of Pakhtunkhwa, they are politically illiterate and being part of either Pakistan or Afghanistan does not really matter to them. Your mashar is swearing in the Paki parliament that he is the 'loyal servant of the mumlikat-i-khudadaad' and for the FATA Pakhtuns he is maintaining the stance of carrying guns and keeping away from any kind of development?!

And your stupid comments about 'kha' and 'sha', you probably don't know that there are more dialects with 'sha' in Northern Pakhtunkhwa than there are in the Southern Pakhtunkhwa...think a little before you write anything man!

People will only decide once your mashar stops sitting with the right wing fascists and starts going to the people.


No comments-I Don't feel easy to talk to those who are wearing nationalist cloths but inside they are something else.Fake ppl with fake nationalism.

I know what i am and i know how to deal hypocrate's, if truth on face hurts then i am sorry i can't lie,now you have free hand whatever you write for me.

Weldone ISI but it will not work thats for sure.

Dawezay Mohmand
If you had anything to write then you would have definitely written it but you don't have any answers. Please stop your bullying and stop calling others as ISI agents when you cannot defend your arguments.



Here is a document explaining why is there a resistence to FATA integration withe the rest of Pashtun areas...the documents says, it is feared that with tribal loyalties diluted, Pashtun nationalism will stregnthen...

One can only say that PMAP stance on FATA is illogical and against the interests of Pashtuns...FATA is a big hurdle in the way of Pashtun nation-building and those who support the FATA status are intentionally or unintentionally working against Pashtun interests.
this second declassified US embassy secret document more clearly mentions reasons for resistance to FATA integration...



Which status are you talking about? the present one or the one written below?

All 7 agencies from South Waziristan to Bajaur should be merged in to a single semi-autonomous province,
with a name of their true national identity, such as Pakhtunkhwa/ Pakhtunistan/ Afghania.
They must have their own elected council and parliament.
That parlaiment will be free to trade and make any releation with any country they want.
Political agent will be a just envoy,not a king.
Pakhto should be their official language.

Look at our position today! Your assembly can't change your province name, you can't stop punjab to steal your water by Ghazi barotha,you can't get your electicity royality,will they be under supreme court?or high court? what is the status of HC n SC? not more then ruber can't change the taxation on tobbaco from fedral to provincial matter, then how do you expact more from punjabi's and willing to give all reserved land in to thier hands? if you support this idea then why you are creating thread regarding durand line and why you are asking questions about that as you are yourself supporting the idea of recognising durand line.

Taliban was created in Meyanzanai Pushtoonkhwa to pave way to pakistani armed forces to go in to the area and built cantonements for the sake of integration of all that land in to pakistan, now what is the diffrence b/w you,talib and ISI? all three have one common i right?
any one who supports the idea of integretion of Meyanzanai Pushtoonkhwa in to pakistan is infact enemy of Pushtoon's interests,Pushtoon's freedom and enemy of people of Meyanzanai Pushtoonkhwa.They are giving these ppl and this land in to a hands of exploiters.Simple is that.


The contrary may also be true...that is those opposing FATA merger into the rest of Pashtun areas are advertently or inadvertently working against broader Pashtun integration....Now it is the time that we get ourselves out of this tribal mindset...People living in medieval state cannot give you a nation bound by a formal law and modern concept of a civic society....
Then live like the way you are need of re-naming,,no need of lar aw bar bogus slogans..go and dig Bacha khan baba grave and get him back,,ask Afghanistan to recognise durand line and tell them you are happy to live like a slaves of Punjabi's.....don't make fool of them as they have already paid a big price..

We believe what we can do and we will do it.Our ppl will decide not confused so called nationalists.

I had a enough political debates here..i am in no mood of any further useless discussion.
Have good time you all.
yara Mandokhela wrora bakhana ghwaram, ...yara khafa na shai, munga ronra yu, pa manz ka khu ba da bas mas razi, yara please khafa na shai, yaw zal bya darna bakhana ghwaru yar..

This is absolutely radiculous and nonsensical stance that no sane person would agree with.

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