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Friday, July 06, 2007

Exploitation of Pakhtuns and Future of Pakistan

Exploitation of Pakhtuns and Future of Pakistan
The major hurdle in the unification of Pakhtuns to become an effective political power is the imperialist technique of dividing Pakhtuns into geographical, religious and political groups to break their power and say in the helm of affairs. Several cards have been used against Pakhtuns in Pakistan to achieve that goal. The major reason due to which Pakhtuns have been weakened is the vested interests of Pakistani Establishment. It is important to unleash the imperialist tactic of civil and military establishment of Pakistan by which they realize their nefarious designs. One of such tactic is to use religion, religious people and parties. This tactic has been used by Pakistani establishment against Pakhtuns to keep them weak and deprived of their legitimate right to rule their own land.The nations that are preaching Islam to Pakhtuns now were fighting against Pakhtuns under the flag of various imperialist powers. Back in history when the whole Muslim world including the holy cities of Makkah and Medina were under the control of figure heads appointed by the imperialist powers it was only the historic homeland of Pakhtuns – Afghanistan including the current NWFP,FATA,Pushton belt of Punjab and Balochistan, which was enjoying an independent and sovereign status. Hence Islam might be a religion for the other nations of the world but it is a part and parcel of Pakhtun culture so much that Pakhtuns and Muslims are synonymous words.Pakhtunwali – the ethical code of Pakhtuns, has been a constituent element of Pakhtun life. Pakhtuns embraced Islam due to its compatibility with their social norms and ethical code called Pakhtunwali but unfortunately despite of sympathetic and respectful behavior of Pakhtuns towards Islam and its preachers the religious demagogues and religious movements have used Pakhtuns to safeguard their vested political interests. a) Syed Ahmed of Baraili – the leader of so called Tehreek Shaheedain - had to travel to the Pakhtuns areas to seek their help in order to establish his version of Islamic state. He was even made the Ameer-ul-Momineen of Peshawar by Pakhtuns but the movement could not do much good when it came to political power and consequently failed due to its narrow sectarian version of Islam.b) Tableeghi Jumaat (TJ) movement is a seemingly non political movement headquartered in Punjab and is spread all over Pakistan including Pakhtunkhwa ,but least people know that it has been acting as a nursery for producing religious stereotypes that were used successfully by the military establishment under the leadership of ex-DG ISI. The movement has been indoctrinating Pakhtuns with their version of Islam trying to inculcate pro establishment and inert ideas into nationally deprived , economically poor and politically unaware Pakhtuns so that they can easily be mislead by the ISI backed demagogues later on whenever and wherever needed.c) Jamaat-e- Islami Pakistan (JIP) never became prominent on the horizon of Pakistani Politics until its leadership emerged from Pakhtun belt and their vote bank in the Pakhtun areas is getting stronger with the passage of time but it is interesting to note that while the Pakhtun youth have been persuaded by the Jamaat to fight in Afghanistan and Kashmir for safeguarding the vested interests of Pakistani Establishment ,the off-spring of the Jamaat leadership are getting equipped with modern education and technology in the west instead of killing themselves at the altar of Pakistani agencies.d) The leadership of both factions of Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUI) is from the Pakhtun regions and Islamist political parties under the umbrella of MMA have recently been elected by the Pakhtun majority areas of North and South Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP and Pakhtun areas of Balochistan respectively) but what have they delivered to the Pakhtun nation except help legitimizing and prolonging the military regime of Musharraf.In conclusion it suffices to say that Pakhtuns have always supported all those groups who have sought their help in the name of religion although the same groups have done least good to Pakhtuns in return and, on the contrary, have used religion against them to safeguard their vested interests.The Future of PakistanPakhtun have always been actively resilient against the domination of all exploiter classes once they came to know about their nefarious designs. Due to injustice and exploitation of oppressed nations specially Pakhtuns in Pakistan, the political events are heading to a scenario similar to that of late 40’s and early 70’s.History divided India giving birth to Pakistan. It further divided Pakistan due to injustices done to Bengalis by Punjabi establishment and Bangla Desh came into existence. It seems that due to the military regimes and opportunist cum exploitative nature of Pakistani establishment the count down has already begun for yet another division. This time it will be even more difficult to fight against this judgment of history because the military forces of Pakistan will have to fight against Pakhtuns and others oppressed nations of Pakistan.Pakhtuns are known to be in peace when they are at war for principles. It is never prudent for any ruling junta to legitimize their vested interests by labeling them as national interests and to keep Pakhtuns and other oppressed nations deprived of their basic human rights including the right to rule their own land. It is not impossible that the deprivation of Pakhtuns might trigger the justified initiation of a struggle for the restoration of geopolitical status of Pakhtuns as on 13th August 1947 when they were a part of Afghanistan and were fraudulently made a part of the then Pakistan as a result of an unfair and biased referendum which was boycotted by the Khudai Khidmatgars – the sole Pakhtun representative movement in pre partition India.The hatred and antagonism of all oppressed nationalities and ethnic groups for Pakistani establishment is due to socio-politico-economic Injustice prevalent in Pakistan. These forces use all ways and means including religion, religious people and parties to keep Pakhtuns away from progress and prosperity and deprive them of their fundamental human rights.Pakhtuns should identify, retaliate and resist the unjust occupation of all exploiter groups which include army, intelligence agencies, civil beoureocracy, pro-establishment political parties, religious theocracy, biased state-controlled-media and pseudo - intelligentsia. All these exploiter groups are the real enemies of Pakhtuns. Pakhtuns of all land unite and fight for your right.

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