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Monday, June 11, 2007

Don’t be so cheap

Don’t be so cheap
Mohammed Ayub Khan
The Frontier Post.
Black Saturday or 12/5 was the day, when the MQM was thoroughly exposed as a terrorist outfit and the whole world saw, seated in their comfortable living rooms, through electronic media the brutalities they committed against the innocent Pushtoon and other armless protestors on the streets of the Karachi. Since the day the streets of Karachi witnessed this mayhem, the MQM perhaps for the first time in its short terrorist life saw the brunt of the fire. The whole country cried against their brutalities, however, their heads never hanged in shame and neither they came up to seek apology for their wrong doings. Rather they went back to the usual gimmicks and lengthy telephonic speeches to shift these horrendous crimes in some else account. Initially MQM was not prepared to see this loud outrage and they took this for granted to play again with the lives of the besieged Karachities once more, but the later events dawn upon them that the days for their criminal existence are close to end. Altaf Hussain did his best to move around the subsequent events and tell the bottomless stories about the involvement of opposition parties and at some point the traditional invisible hands to disrupt the peace in the biggest Pakistani metropolitan city; however, no one bought his unfaithful stories, neither his desperately organized rallies could help to bill them out of this mess. Never before they saw such horrible days, since the times they started calling the shots in Karachi and Hyderabad and enjoyed the all powerful patronage of our mighty hands, and perhaps because of this unforeseen nakedness publicly they fall down to the depth ignominy and shame. MQM has every right to do politics in this country, provided their cadres and leader abide by the law of the land. It means they have to hear the dissent views patiently, allow the political opponents to balance their power and political agenda and above all stop killing and maiming the innocent masses through their armed thugs. Running land mafia and extortion of money as protection fee from the industrialists and traders should have replaced the voluntarily collection of small monthly fee from its members. Unfortunately during the last tow decades of its life MQM totally failed to adopt a peaceful and democratic posture and could have allowed the growth of pluralistic democratic culture in the two big city of Karachi and Hyderabad in particular and the rest of the Sindh in general. So far MQM has been in the news because of various reasons. They fought pitch battles against the armed forces during the operation against terrorists (remember Maj. Kaleem and his colleagues of 1991), gunny bag dead bodies here and there, no go areas and the erection of iron entrance, intimidating the electronic and print media (all the newspapers published from Karachi must have a prominent space for their press releases) blackmailing the coalition partners (Nawaz Sharif Raqam Barao), extortions, torture and killing of opponents (Nawaz Sharif admitted recently that MQM thugs killed Hakim Mohammad Saeed), outbursts even against the state of Pakistan on their routine visits to India, killing Pushtoon, Punjabi, Baloch and Sindhis and looting their properties, and employing fake PhD holders to deliver theological lectures on electronic media etc. Today they are in the eye of the storm because of different reasons. Judicial activism in Pakistan made it possible to challenge this monster in the face. This time they were not allowed to escape the justice and the Sindh High Court took a Suo Muto action about the May 12th killings and has asked the Sindh Government to file their response in connection with this horrific event. The Sindh Chief Minister also faced the music and his legal advisors found it hard to defend him in the court about his calling for clipping the Judiciary powers. A group of around 45 lawyers, including Syed Iqbal Kazmi also filed FIRs against the Sindh government, Altaf Hussain, Sindh Governor and other MQM leaders for their alleged involvement in this gory drama. Protest demonstrations held by the political parties along with various associations of doctors, students, artists, women activities, civil society organization stuck the last nail on the coffin of MQM and their office bearers other than Hyderabad and Karachi started tendering their resignations. Imran Khan also jumped into the arena and announced to sue this guy playing with the lives of innocent citizen and bring him to justice for his criminal past. All these events terrified these pseudo revolutionaries to the core and started a dirty game of name calling. Within no time the whole city of Karachi, early in the morning saw a variety of possible slurs and graffiti on the walls against Imran Khan and even did not spare his personal life. His past relations with Ms. White and the birth of his unlawful daughter Ms. Tyrian, divorcing his wife and even asked the government to apply clause # 62 and 63. Pamphlets and handbills were printed overnight and displayed at every corner and crossing of the city and flashes in front of the cameras during their demonstrations. This was the meanest of the crimes, Altaf Hussain committed against his opponents. Not a true and honorable person would fell to that depth of disgrace, rather would fight back as a man on the same pitch and rules. To some the MQM has seen the writing on the walls and they were disparate to forestall the forthcoming but imminent judicial probe in Pakistan and UK against them which can expose their crimes and dirty personal lives they spent in the Abbassi Shaheed Hospital. Shamelessly after going through such deep to the neck dirt, Altaf Hussain offered Imran Khan to settle their difference outside of the courts which the earlier rejected. Equipped with the formidable evidences provided by Nasirullah Khan Babar, the former Interior Minister, Imran Khan has caught the bull from the horn now and it seems that he is going to bring him down soon. Upon his arrival in London to file a legal suite against the MQM supremo, a large gathering greeted him. He not only prepared his legal suite against him but also went to 10 Downing Street along with PML-N leaders to file petitions at the Prime Minister office against Altaf Hussain terrorist activities. According to the press reports it was a large gathering which was also addressed by local Pakistani community leaders and politicians. Sensing his doom day knocking at the door, the MQM supremo again fell into dirt of pity personal attacks, and requested Sarfraz Nawaz a former team mate to meet him in London and share with him the past personal weaknesses of cricket star Imran Khan, which can be used against him for damaging his political standing. All these ventures clearly indicate that this guy has no guts, neither any rule to abide by. While condemning the violence on 12th May in Karachi, a spokesperson and first secretary (political) in UK's High Commission, Islamabad Ms. Laura Davies has said that everyone in Britain must abide by the British law and that Altaf Hussain is not an exception, She assured the Journalists the other day that any allegation against him which are supported by reliable evidence will be thoroughly investigated in accordance with the UK law The print media including the widely circulated papers the Daily Telegraph as well as The Guardian are regularly publishing every bit of information about MQM and its leaders these days in UK. Even some have undertaken investigations to find out how come a British citizen can run a political party, while sitting (Edgware High Street in north London) inside the territorial boundary of their country and one such report tried to find a connection between the MQM and South African Crime Network. Some of the reports and news analysis are also building up pressure over the public opinion and government to initiate legal proceedings against Altaf Hussain and his other exiled colleagues. Speaking to seminar organized by Pakistani student from the University of Oxford (or May 12 Group), a renowned British journalist and writer Ms. Victoria Schofield said that the British government should look concerns of Pakistani civil society about MQM chief Altaf Hussain. Majority of the speakers held the MQM responsible for the May 12th Killing in Karachi and asked to extradite Altaf Hussain to face terrorism charges in their countries of origin. They held the Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) responsible for the Karachi killings, and drew comparisons between the cases of Altaf Hussain and the radical Muslims being extradited to face terrorism charges in the countries of their origin. As usual Altaf Hussain, whiling delivering his speech from London luxurious abode, to his student's wing in Karachi, All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organization (APMSO) warned the government about conspiracies, hatched against MQM. Do we need to remind him that who the government are? Is it not the MQM themselves and no one else who rule the Sindh and enjoy junior partnership in the Federal setup? Whom is he calling conspirators and how come he is declaring himself irreplaceable or inseparable from MQM or vice versa (to borrow his own words). Is this a new cult? And Altaf Hussain a clairvoyant Telephonic connection between London seat of MQM and its thugs on the streets of Karachi need to be severed as soon as possible. As long as this communication is there, no one knows how many more would fall due to firry speeches of Altaf Hussain and prompt implementation by his armed terrorists. The UK government should also take into consideration the misuse of electronic media and include this in the list of possible evidences against the criminals. To see the live brutalities of MQM click on the following given links AAJ TV In depth Analysis , AAJ TV In depth Analysis & AAJ TV In depth Analysis 3

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