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Monday, May 14, 2007

MQM responsible for Karachi violence

Once again MQM has shown its fascist nature by brutal killings of unarmed innocent Pukhtoons. The only crime they had committed was that they were exercising their democratic right of opposing a muhjir military dictator. To add salt to wounds this terrorists outfit's coward leader from London is calling for mourning the dead like a proverbial crocodile. Pukhtoons of Karachi need our support at least in the form of raising slogans in their favour. Our these poor brethren simply don't have the resources to face the terror monster of MQM. They not only lack resources but also don't have the leadership which can effectively articulate their plight and expose the hell let loose by the tyrannical rule of the muhajirs which extends right up to General Musharaf. Muhajirs tyranny has usurp every and very basic rights of the Pukhtoons in Karachi: there children can't get admission in the educational institutions as they are denied domicile, IDs, passports and voter listing. Despite they being 5 million they don't have proper representation leave alone commensurate representation in the assemblies as their constituencies have been truncated in such a way that as a small piece they are attached with muhajir majority areas. To aggravated further the poling stations are located in the MQM terrorists dens so no non muhjir could dare venture to poling stations for exercising a basic human right. Another example of the MQM ethnic cleansing and intimidation is the so called mega projects. The projects are executed in such a manner that they are deliberately drawn through non muhjir areas so that to cause maximum displacement and of course the award of such lucrative contracts and the kick backs who knows reaches up to whom but what is clear is that Musharf got the finances for them from international institutions to be shouldered later by rest of Pakistan. The conclusion is that we have to rise and speak on behalf of all the Pukhtoons and that of Karachi in particular at this stage and till times that the message becomes loud and clear to those usurpers and we get our rights.

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