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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tributes paid to Wali Khan, Bacha Khan

Tributes paid to Wali Khan, Bacha Khan
Fencing, mining border can split Pushtoons:
AsfandyarVows to follow political philosophy of late ANP leaders
Says APC to be attended with party’s reservations.
Qisar khan Afredi PESHAWAR: More than 50,000 followers of Bacha Khan while paying rich tribute to late Khan Abdul Wali Khan at his first death anniversary pledged to follow and pursue political philosophy of their great leaders.Wearing red caps, scores of people from across the province and Fata Friday gathered at the main square of Charsadda bazaar and covered all four routs on the eve of the first death anniversary of late Wali Khan.All the roads leading to Charsadda were decorated with red flags and banners inscribed with slogans in favour of the Pushtoon nation and late Abdul Wali Khan.The leaders of ANP including Ajmal Khattak, Begum Nasim Wali Khan, Afzal Khan Lala, Afrasiyab Khattak, Abdul Latif Afridi, Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, Bashir Ahmed Bilour, Main Iftikhar and others attended the gathering.Speaking on the occasion, Awami National Party (ANP) Central President Asfandyar Wali Khan while showering glowing tribute to his father said late Wali Khan had contributed to the cause of democracy, provincial rights and Pushtoon cause.“He is not with us but he is alive and his political thoughts are alive,” the nationalist leader asserted and pledged to follow the footsteps of late Bacha Khan and Wali Khan. Pinpointing various problems being faced by the Pushtoon nation, Asfandyar said Pushtoons had been passing through a very critical time as they were being made scapegoat at all fronts, which he added now was unbearable for them.Lashing out at the federal government for its proposed plan to mine and fence the Afghan border, the nationalist leader warned nobody could dare to divide the Pushtoons living on both side of the Durand Line.“We will resist it at all front like we in past to compel the government to draw the decision of constructing Kalabagh Dam. We are one and nobody can divide us,” he shouted with full-throated slogan along with the other participants.Unfolding a letter, he sent to Nawaz Sharif regarding the All Parties Conference (APC), he informed “In my reply to the invitation I had pinpointed some reservations over some issues which are not included on the agenda including the Fata, Balochistan and right on resources.” He added the ANP would not participate in the APC unless and until their demands were addressed.About the alliance with the Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUI) in the upcoming general election, he said “We both can’t go together unless JUI sever its alliance with the PML (Q) in Balochistan.” Wining the recently held by-election in Bajaur Agency by the ANP leader was a first drop of the rain; he said and vowed to sweep the upcoming election in the province.Begum Nasim Wali Khan on the occasion said late Khan Abdul Wali Khan had dedicated his whole life for the Pushtoon cause rather than for his self-interest. “He was an intellectual, an orthodox Muslim, writer and a forecaster and I spent 51 years with him but never had I noticed a negative point of his personality,” she continued.About the current situation, she said killing the innocent Pushtoons had become a routine matter. Quoting an American newspaper, she said Pakistani agencies were involved in the worsening situation in Pushtoon belt.Ajmal Khattak, Afzal Khan Lala, Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, Bashir Ahmed Bilour and Main Iftikhar also spoke on the occasion and lauded the efforts of Bacha Khan and Khan Abdul Wali Khan for their struggle for the Pushtoon nation. The nationalist leaders called upon the people to follow and pursue the political philosophy of their great leaders and struggle for their rights which were being denied.

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