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Thursday, January 18, 2007

English Translation of Three Pashto Books completed

English Translation of Three Pashto Books completed
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Thursday, 18 January 2007
Dr. Sher Zaman Taizi, a renowned Pakhtun writter completed translation of the autobiography (My life and struggles) of Bacha Khan; the autobiography (The story of my life) of Professor Jehanzeb Niaz and Da Ghairat Chegha (The Cry of Honour) - collection of poetry of Ajmal Khattak into English. All the three are very important books not only from literary viewpoints but from political and social viewpoints also. Da Ghairat Chegha was published in 1958 but it was banned in Pakistan by Ayub Khan government and in Afghanistan by Zahir Shah Government. The book steadily foiled the ban by two states and reappeared in a number of underground editions - although in the same shape - and now up to the surface with much luster, stronger grip and more absorbing effect.With its English version, it is now prepared to cross all the political barriers across the world. Ajmal Khattak has put his firebrand revolutionary ideas in mesmerizing diction that can be termed as 'Romantic-Realism'.

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