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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mixed Marraiges

"Is It Ok for Pashtoons to marry Non-Pashtoons"

Source:S J.
There was this interesting topic caught me in a forum.
"Is it ok for a pukhtun to marry non-pukhtun?"
Most of the members were pukhtun and Here are some of the views:

HI Guys
I think this is avery intertesting topic.
Personally I am totaly against pashtoon marrying non-pashtoon. I think this analogy would explain my point. If you take milk, just ads a drop of lime juice....and guess what happens!!! I mean a Little bit of containment is enough!!!!!!!!
So whenevr peoples from different cultures are blended with pashtoons it causes many negative impacts on the pashtoons. Thats why we have people who calls themselevs pashtoon but they don't have the true charcteristics of a pashtoon and tehy will try to change tehir identity becasue tehy feel insecure of thier identity.

Hope thats no too much racisim but I have to say this I am NOT a racist!!!!!!!!!!! but when itv comes to marriages between nonpashtoon and pashtoon then I have to say this because its not good for anyone.
I'm in shock...

I've just read through this entire topic, and can't believe that anyone
would write (or even think!) some of the things written here.

There seems to be a general sway towards believing that Pukhtoona are
somehow better/superior to other people due to their 'cast' (whatever
that may b). There is no such thing as 'cast', it's a word that
originates in Hindu belief, and is completely wrong. To irresponsibly
use this word in such a demeaning manner (to Pukhtoona as well as
others) is very dangerous indeed.

Whats all this about not marrying outside your own little tribe? How on
earth are we suppoed to integrate and learn about people if we don't
step outside our 'cosy' little worlds.

Islam only holds one condition (where inter-cultural marriages are
concerned), that both partners be Muslim. Anything other than that is
just superficial c*r*a*p. As long as the two individuals concerned are
willing to make a go of it, they should be supported by their families
and close community (one shouldn't find ways to discourage them and try
to put enmity between them). After all, it's their marriage, not anyone

As far as 'mixed' children are concerned, the way I see it, they are the
most beautiful individuals I have ever set eyes on. Most of the time,
these kids turn out with the best physical features from both ethnic
backgrounds. As well as this, due to having grown up with two cultures,
these kids are well rounded individuals. Which is what we need in todays
multi-cultural society (not narrow minded biggots). These kids may be
half Pathan/ half English, but they are fully human, they deserve to be
treated with the same respect you would give to someone from your own
ethnic background.

The village that I come from (and indeed my own family) has people from
lots of different backgrounds in it. We have Danes, Chinese, Malysians,
Brits, indians, Punjabees, Chache Pathans, Turks and Arabs. And thats
not just the men marrying 'foreign' women, our women have married men
from outside our 'tribe.

If we continue to marry within our own familes, we will just end up as
inbred idiots. The whole idea of reproduction is to initroduce new genes
to the already existing gene pool, to allow for more varied offspring.
this reduces the chances of illnesses being passed on within families.
You end up with 'stronger' and better offspring.

Well, thats all I have to say for now, I have to get up early tomorrow,
so I'm off.

This lady wants to tell us that all Pashtuns should give their daughters
and suisters in marriage to others ..and that ethnicity, culture,
values, and nationhood have no meanings...that pashtuns should forget
about their distinctiveness/individuality...and that they should forget
their identity.

The prophet hilmself preferred Quraish over others and considered them
the noblest of all. After his death, when one ansar claimed candidacy to
Khilafat, Hazdrath Abu Bakara and Hardath Ummar said that only Quraish,
by virtue of their nobility, have the right to Khalifath. Hadrath Ummar
had made it forbidden for Arab women to marry non-Arabs because he
considered Arabs to be a superior/master race.

However, if your circumstances are such that you are living in England
and cannot find a person of your own race to marry, then you can twist
Islam to address your circumstances. However, then your kids wouldn't be
called Pashtuns. Even then by giving your self this allowance to marry
outside of your race, you would never marry a balck or a poor person.
All in all you would go for superior white genes and for wealthy people.
I know this Islamic crookedness. There are a lot of Sayeds here, the
descendents of prophet, who don't give their daughters in marriage to
the low ones.

There is one leader, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, leader of Jumaath Islami. This
hypocrite wanted to have the daughter of Choudri Shujaath Hussain, one
of the wealthiest and influential polticians of Pakistan, married to his
son. But when Choudri Shujaath regretted, he got his son maaried to a
female from a very influential bureaucratic family of Kohat (Malak Saad
family, the famous bureaucrate). Now obviously, this bastard didn't want
to have the daughter or sister of a martyred Kashmiri/Afghan Mujahid
married to his son. And he recruited a lot of people to fight Jehad in
Kashmir/Afghanistan in the name of islamic brotherhood.

Anyhow Pashtuns should marry Pashtuns to preserve their race and
ethnicity and to struggle for survival. Compatibility of values and
culture is another point. However, individual choices and preferences
must have priority.

Pakhtoon guys marrying non Pakhtoon girls, this results in their
children speaking the language of their mother instead of Pukhto, thus
Pukhto is dying. One should refrain from marrying a non pukhtun.

Some people talked about "Love". [Ignore them they are just crazy and
blind, cant be bothered to flush their feelings]


"Dude, you should be out on hunting Imran Khan."

Its ok for a pukhtun male to marry a non pukhtun girl but not the
otherway around. Reson: Its just how it works.

"Warning: Mixed marriages can produce non-ethenic kids." [How true, I
heared people saying, "I am pathan but I dont speak Pashto." Is it just
about Pashto? Thats ok. Where is your Pukhtunwali?"

Personal Opinion..personal choices.. bla bla bla... [All that stuff, you
know it and you must would have heared it before]

"So what about me? I met this indian girl and shes Pathan! "

A muslim can marry any muslim!

[Now this one is pretty "funny?"]

"Pukhtoon women marrying into non Pukhtoon families and especially into
Punjabi families is rare however the rare cases can be attributed to the
Indian movies and their influance on the young generation. I think these
movies are doing more damage to our culture then those Pakistani freaks
in Islamabad.The same is the case with gys they see someone walking on
the street who looks like some famous Indian actress most likely that
girl will not be a Pukhtoon because Pukhtoons have Aryan features and do
not have anything common with the Indian race thus the flabergausted Dum
ass Pukhtoon runs presumes him self to a part of an indian movie hero
and tries his best to find an ugly duckling of Indian origin. "

[And this one]
"I know one pakhtoon his wife is white (angreaz) and they have 8 kids.
:D" [Typical]

If you mix Milk with Alcahol - Its neither Milk nor Alcahol any more.
And have you ever seen a donkey with a monkey?

I have seen non-pukhtun dont want to marry Pukhtun too for whatever

These days people look fer the profession of the guy..and as it is
obvious our pakhtun boys arnt dat much interested in studies compared to
the non- pakhtuns. So buckle up boys ;)

The whole idea of reproduction is to initroduce new genes to the already
existing gene pool, to allow for more varied offspring.

My opinion:
It varies from person to person, family to family and tribe to tribe.
And its a huge huge topic. But I dont want my kid saying, "I am half
pukhtun, quater irish, a little bit of pakeha, traces of arab,...".
However a pukhtun male can marry a non pukhtun girl but not the other
way around. Why? More on this later in edited version

Quote from Isayan

The village that I come from (and indeed my own family) has people from
lots of different backgrounds in it. We have Danes, Chinese, Malysians,
Brits, indians, Punjabees, Chache Pathans, Turks and Arabs. And thats
not just the men marrying 'foreign' women, our women have married men
from outside our 'tribe.
------------------------I am sorry to ask but why there is no Black
Jamican, African or Sumalian in your village? did you forget to write or
are they not human being?

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