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Saturday, December 09, 2006

I Have a Dream......

I have one great dream, one great longing. Like flowers in the desert my people are born, bloom for a while with nobody to look after them, wither and return to the dust they came from. I want to see them share each other's sorrow and happiness. I want to see them work together as equal partners. I want to see them play their national role and take their rightful place among the nations of the world, for the service of God and humanity." Bacha Khan

"I had to go to prison many a time in the days of the Britishers. Although we were at loggerheads with them, yet their treatment was to some extent tolerant and polite. But the treatment which was meted out to me in this Islamic state of ours was such that I would not even like to mention it to you." Bacha Khan, Budget session of Assembly on March.20, 1954
"There is nothing uprising in a Muslim or a Pathan like me subscribing to the creed of non-violence. It is not a new creed, it was followed fourteen hundred years ago by the Prophet (PBUH) all the time he was in Makkah, and it has since been followed by all those who wanted to throw off an Oppressor's Yoke. But we had so forgotten it that when Gandhiji placed it before us, we thought he was sponsoring a novel creed." Bacha Khan

"A revolution is like a flood. A nation can prosper by it, and it an perish by it as well. A nation that is wide awake, that cultivates brotherhood and national spirit, is sure to benefit through revolution." Bacha Khan

"Our fault is that our province is the gateway of India. Because we live there the government calls us the gate-keepers. If we give them anything India will go out of our hands. We were born in the Frontier Province. And this is why we were doomed. They (the British) wanted these people should go on fighting among themselves and remain in the ruined and destroyed condition so that they might rule our country without feeling any anxiety." Bacha Khan

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