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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A good begning :Well-done Mondokhail

Taliban and Talibanisation
Wali Khan MandoKhail
The Frontier Post. December 27 , 2006
After admission from the founder of Taliban, some elements are trying to deny facts and misguide the masses through emotional and irrational sentiments. This is crime against one particular nation, as we have been bracketed with Taliban. Furthermore, a turbine of terrorism has been thrust on our head as a reward, not as an individual but as nation. This is unacceptable and condemnable as we Pashtuns are a peace-loving nation with a rich culture of paying respect to all humans - irrespective of religion, race, creed, language, colour and culture. After the US suffered a humiliating defeat in Vietnam, the USSR was engaged in a proxy war. The US was looking for revenge searching an opportunity of the trapping the former Soviet Union. This search for opportunity finally ended when the USSR was invited to defend the new-borne revolutionary government in Afghanistan. Americans evinced a keen interest in training and waging a proxy war against the USSR in Afghanistan to Pakistani government which they accepted as they were looking forward to settle their own scores with Afghanistan. CIA with the help of ISI started training and providing weapons to People who were in opposition to that change in Afghanistan, Present Pashtun belt were transformed in to sanctuary for training and crossing over the boarder for instability and terrorist activities in Afghanistan, As Pashtuns are Islam loving nation so they chose to give this proxy war a name of Jihad with strategy to attract more people here. Our religious leaders were paid by CIA and ISI to declare Jihad in Afghanistan by issuing Fatwa's which our religious leaders did without thinking about the after math, All Arab countries were allied in this proxy war by providing oil money and sending international terrorists to tribal area including present fugitive Osama Bin Ladin, after long lasting fight and lost of heavy casualties under an agreement Russians withdraw forces from Afghanistan in 1989, from 1989 to 1992 Afghanistan were ruled by Dr Najeeb and they fought the all intruders with heroic spirit. Dr Najeeb on several occasions invited the rebel leaders for peaceful settlement of Afghan crises but these so-called jihad preachers never listen to his sincere efforts and then time arrived when Dr Najeeb decided to quit for the sake of bringing peace to war torn Afghanistan, here the true face of jihad and jihadis appeared. They started quarreling each other and killing each other as who will be the ruler at Kabul, in the meanwhile Afghanistan history has seen the worst face of these jihadis and their so called jihad as innocent people were killed, women were raped, boy's were abducted by different mujahideen faction leaders, Afghanistan situation were made worst then Dr Najeeb Govt era for sake of chair, Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI was the mother of all these mujahideen factions so they intervene with the help of Pakistan based religious parties heads including Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Maulana Fazlur Rehman. Then accords were sign by swearing on Quran in Kaaba for settling disputes through peaceful means. We had seen the worst fighting in Kabul where Ahmad Shah Masood and Gulbadin Hekmatyar fought each other which destroyed every inch of Kabul city with casualties up to 35 thousand in short period of one week. Did any one ever try as to what was the main reason behind assault on Kabul? The main reason was Pakistan was looking for Pakistan friendly and pro-Pakistan in Kabul who will look after Pakistani interests in Afghanistan but Ahmad Shah Masood refused to act like a Pakistani puppet and there Pakistan sent a signal to Gulbadin Hekmatyar for big assault on Kabul. Pakistan was looking to settle the Durand Line issue with Puppet Pro Pakistani govt in Afghanistan and that was the sole reason by supporting Hezb-i-Islami in war Against Ahmad Shah Masood but Pakistan failed to get rid of Ahmad Shah Masood, who proved to be a tough resistance leader against Pakistan-backed forces. Time passed by as it is and more factional killing among mujahideen organizations which made ordinary Afghan's lives like living in hell. After few years ISI got new plan to capture Afghanistan and declare it as 5th province by introducing Taliban, How Taliban emerged? Pakistan made an attempt to go through Afghanistan with a trade caravan entering through Chaman border via Kandahar heading towards central Asian country, Pakistan believed they will go through Afghanistan without any difficulty but the case wasn't like what Pakistan was assuming. Commander Mansoor stopped then between Spin Boldak and Kandahaar and asked them about their documentation and visas which Pakistani delegation was not able to provide, they were all stopped and arrested and put in prison for violating and traveling in to Afghanistan with visa or permits, this something very humiliating for Pakistan and a right time to launch Taliban movement. >From Chaman ISI-trained people were order to march on Qandahar and in backup all religious leaders were asked to provide more foot soldiers by declaring again jihad against another Muslim Commander on orders of ISI, All around Pakistan ISI backed groups were called to backup this newly born Taliban movement, in mosques and seminaries; once again ISI-paid Ulema started preaching jihad but innocent and uneducated people never asked why jihad now and against whom? They just run as Mullahs asked them. Before I go further I had a one interesting incident while traveling from Karachi to Quetta by bus, next to my seat there was a group of Taliban's who were heading towards Afghanistan, during conversation I asked this question: How you guys fly jets as you don't know about the them and it needs basic qualification and tough training before a person is permitted a solo flight? The answer was really interesting. They guy goes: "We just recite a few verses from Quran and then we are able to fly jets." It shows which verse they were talking about. Pakistan regular army and reserve army was fully behind the offensive of Taliban including ISI, apart from admission by Gen. (rtd) Naseerulah Babar and other ex-ISI officials. I remember the article of well known columnist Jawed Chaudhry in Jang, where he wrote about the law and order situation in Pakistan. He once wrote: "Col Imam , an in-service official of ISI told him when he was traveling from Herat towards Torkham ; he didn't carry bundles of bodyguards but after crossing Torkham was escorted with 10 to 15 cars''…Question arises what an in-service Col Imam was doing in Herat? Is Herat a Picnic point? Was he on a picnic? Or was he there with visa? The answer is a big no and the true answer is he was the commander-in-chief of the Taliban movement and all others like Mullah Omar and Co are dummies. Pakistan's motive behind creating Taliban was of several reasons,(1) To sign a agreement for settling the historical dispute of Durand Line in favor of Pakistan which they did but fortunately some true Afghans among Taliban ranks refused to do so and those who refused were then eliminated from Taliban movement by killing them. To break Afghanistan into several pieces and that was the reason fanatics like Lashkar-i- Jhangvi, Harkatul Mujahideen and many more organizations were given a free hand to do what they want in Afghanistan. As a result, the massacre of more then 20 thousand Hazaras in Bamyan occurred. That was condemnable in the strongest of terms as innocent people were killed, women raped and whole villages destroyed. It was a brutal and inhuman act of barbarism by ISI agents to create hatred among Pashtuns and other nations and fan sectarianism by promoting Taliban, labeled as a Pashtun movement. That tactics worked and there was revenge from Hazaras, Tajiks and Uzbeks against Pashtuns by assaulting them, killing them and raping their women which I feel ashamed as a Pashtun to write these lines but to open my fellow Pashtun's eyes I took a bold step to write these harsh lines. This was tit-for-tat but still condemnable as strong as possible. Pakistan were failed again in her attempts to conquer Afghanistan after tragic 9/11 event, international community and the US turn back faces towards Afghanistan and Pakistan were ordered to leave Afghanistan as quick as possible other wise face bombardment of all major Pakistani cities. This was a good day for Afghans as Pakistan pulled out its regular and reserve forces from Afghanistan. That resulted in the collapse of the Taliban regime. After the fall of Taliban in Afghanistan and threats from the US to Pakistan of an open war, jihadists in Pakistan were curbed for a while. Meanwhile, Pakistan made again a demand for fencing the Durand line which was rejected. Then Pakistan started another proxy war with the help of al-Qaeda by staging guerrilla warfare against the development and stability of Afghanistan by burning schools, killing teachers, engineers, ulema and setting up a sanctuary for al-Qaeda and Taliban fugitives in the tribal belt on the eastern side of Durand line. Because of American pressure and condemnation by international community Pakistan was not able to interfere in Afghanistan openly, so a proxy war is the best way for creating instability there. Pakistan is of the opinion that Afghanistan will be stabilized and developed then Pashtuns living on the eastern side of the Durand Line may decide to go back to Afghanistan. So a disturbed Afghanistan and a strong Taliban Movement in the Pashtun belt is in favor of Pakistan because on the one hand Pakistan is using Taliban and Mullahs to destabilize Afghanistan and on other they are trying to crush nationalist movements with the abduction and killing of their leaders on ISI orders. Because these nationalist movements are looking for unification of all Pashtuns land and greater control of Pashtun resources, which is unacceptable to Pakistan and which is against the interests of Punjabi imperialism, intent upon oppressing and exploiting Pashtun resources to feed Punjab's population and to develop that province. In Last I have few Questions for my brothers, when Americans were supporting and paying dollars for destruction of Afghanistan it was jihad and now when Americans stop paying now it is jihad against Americans? Why? Maulana Fazlur Rehman is not resigning from national and provincial assemblies and he is enjoying being in cahoots with Gen Musharraf's party PML-Q. But in Afghanistan he is against dialogue and doesn't believe in democratic politics? Is that not double standard? In Afghanistan it is jihad to destroy roads, schools, hospitals, killing ulema and teachers, women and children. But in Pakistan, against American ally Musharraf, jihad is not allowed. Why? In Pakistan when nationalist leaders demand Pashtun rights and unity, they are declared kafir and all their demands against Islam. But in Afghanistan they talk about Pashtuns? Is that not cheating in the name of Islam? Why within a few hundreds kilometers Islam is totally changed? The answer is neither Taliban nor these Mullahs are sincere to Islam; they are just using the jihad slogan to defend Pakistani and Punjabi interests. Now for Allah sake, wake up and don't use Islam as a weapon to defend Punjabi imperialist interests. Talibinisation of the Pashtun belt by ISI with help ISI sister organization are condemnable and now the UN must intervene to save Pashtuns from mass criminalisation and Talibanisation and they must pressure Pakistan to expel all her guests from tribal belt as there is no more place available for agents and their guests in the tribal belt for their proxy war against Afghanistan.

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