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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Scientific basis for a Separate Sovereign State

Scientific basis for a Separate Sovereign State
Saturday, 03 June 2006
There are quite some nations in the world who are striving for a separate sovereign state. Let us analyse the issue on scientific grounds to know the meaning and implications of this dream.

First Condition- Sincerity to the Cause

Though, State, once formed, has for pillars (Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Media) to stand upon but before it is formed, needs only one pre requisite to come into existence and that is "Sincerity to the Cause" .Sincerity to the cause is the sole sanction for a separate sovereign state.

Second Condition – Ideology, Ethnology and Technology:

The known philosophy of history reveals that Nature awards a nation with the gift of a separate sovereign state if they have two or more of the following features:

1) Common Ideology (Faith, Religion, Beliefs, Philosophy etc)

2) Common Ethnology (Land, Language and Love for the nation)

With the dawn of the 21st century mankind has learnt that there is a third features which is decisive not only in the formation of state but also its survival and stability and that is- Technology.

3) Technology (Tools, ways and means)

So in order to form a state the three important features are Ideology, Ethnology and Technology

Third Condition: Correct Input

The philosophies of history which have been discovered by social scientists like Ibne Khaldoon, Arnold Toynbee, Marx etc are infact the corollaries of a higher law of Nature which governs the individual and collective behaviors of mankind. That law is the Input-Output law which states that "There is No Output without Input".

Input-Output law is the general law which governs all the three major levels of universe that is:

1- Physical level: Deals with digits and dead matter. Examples of physical sciences are physics, chemistry, mathematics etc.

2- Biological level: Deals with life and living matter. Examples of Biological sciences are zoology, botany etc.

3) Psychological level: Deals with conscious matter that is human beings and human society. Examples of psychological and social sciences are politics, sociology, psychology, economics etc.

The formation of a state is of course an Output for human efforts which constitute Input for it. As Input-Output law tells us that there is no output without input so all those nations including Pukhtoons desiring of a separate state have to know those inputs which will result in a separate sovereign state for their nation.

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