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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nature and Nation

Nature and Nation


Without equating the process of evolution with the interpretation of
Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution (which is still a theory
to be proved scientifically) we observe that evolution is visible
and tangible at all the three levels of universe that is physical,
biological and psychological. A wrong interpretation of physical
phenomena does not prove the absence of the phenomena.

The expansion of galaxies, nebulae and hence universe at physical
level, the growth of embryo from embryonic stage to fully grown
organism, the evolution of seed to a fully grown plant, the
evolution of man from the primitive consciousness level of infancy
to fully mature and self conscious human being etc are all the
examples of phenomena visible and tangible in the external universe.
The different stages of universal evolution are discussed under
different disciplines like Physics, Biology and Psychology etc.

Purpose of Nature:

Nature has a purpose .The purpose of nature is nothing other than
the laws of nature based on which we see the evolution and progress
of universe. The target of all the laws of nature is excellence.
Hence those nations which qualify the test of time by tuning their
energies in accordance with the laws of nature progress continuously
towards the achievement of excellence. History glorifies those
nations as a reward for their approach to life.

The purpose of Nature has been mis-interpreted due to the
philosophic approach to the study of nature which evolved
historically due the lack of scientific knowledge about nature.
Scientists have been fighting against the philosophic approach
(deductive approach and hence which jumps to conclusions quickly) to
universe and its study and they have been insisting on inductive and
empirical approach on the contrary.

All natural catastrophies, floods, earthquakes, storms and also
clashes, conflicts, differences etc are just the resistance offered
by nature to filter the nations with progressive approach and
capable of promoting the cause of nature from those nations which
are destined to perish away from the surface of earth due the lack
of those capabilities.

Resistance is the trigger for progress. Trace back the progress made
by humanity in pure sciences like
physics,chemistry,biology,mathematics etc as well as applied
sciences like information technology, engineering, medicine,
communications, media, telecommunications, genetics and in social
sciences like politics, economics, linguistics, diplomacy,
international relations, business, trade, commerce etc and you will
find that all of them started initially to overcome a difficulty, a
problem, an inability, a hurdle, a disease, a conflict, a clash and
so on. Eliminate all these hurdles and resistances from the history
and we will find ourselves in the stone age. Any form of Resistance
in nature is a blessing in disguise for the progress and evolution
of humanity.

Nothing is granted by nature to humanity as a favor or by default.
Man has to earn it using his abilities and skills. Man has to
achieve the target of excellence individually as well as
collectively by overcoming the hurdles offered to him by nature
failing which man himself becomes a hurdle in the way of progress of
nature and the laws of nature never spares any individual or group
which comes in its way.

MFN Status for a Nation

A group of people becomes a nation if they have common language or
common ancestry or common territory. If a group also has common
collective Ideology, goals, targets and ideals in life then its
efforts become effective and fruitful. Moreover if the collective
ideology of the nation is in sync with the laws of nature then the
nation is bound to achieve excellence.

Nature always favors that nation which promotes its cause. The cause
of nature is to achieve excellence. It is only by rising to the
skies of excellence that a nation can justify its existence which
otherwise is always threatened by the rude and crude forces of

The nation which strives to achieve excellence is in synchronism
with the direction of history as well as the scheme of universal
evolution and forces of the universe align them in its direction
giving a quantum jump to its struggle and paving the way for the
glory of that nation.

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